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  • 2009-11-19

    An Introduction to Cloud Computing

    IT is expensive – if you want to run the latest and greatest technology achievements in house, you need a lot of money. Hardware equipment costs a fortune and it gets old so fast that even rich companies can't afford to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements. On the other hand, even if you can afford to buy this expensive equipment and your volume of work drops, the money you invested is wasted. Even in times of economic boom volumes of work do drop, unexpectedly at that, so spending millions on equipment is rarely a wise investment. Wouldn't it be more reasonable if companies could share their equipment – i.e. lend free resources when they have them and borrow additional capacity when they need? Yes, it is more reasonable to do it and in fact it has already been done – under the name “cloud computing”.
  • 2009-09-29

    An Introduction to Linux Flavors

    Linux is the second most popular operating system. When you say “Linux” however, it is a general term because it comes in several flavors (Redhat, Debian, etc). This variety is part of the open source philosophy: you are not limited to the operating system and the applications included by the vendor. You then have control of the source code and can compile it in the best way possible.
  • 2009-09-16

    Beginners Guide to Virtualization

    Virtualization has become a hot topic in recent years and there is hardly a person in IT, who hasn't heard of it. Many people are even familiar with the details. However, this doesn't mean that everybody should be a pro about virtualization. Here is a guide for those of you, who have only heard the word “virtualization” and would like to know more.
  • 2008-02-20

    SiteWorx - A Control Panel for Beginner Web Hosting Clients!

    SiteWorx web hosting control panel has everything necessary to call itself a proper control panel. Management settings over email, databases, domains, stats and files are all there on the main page. And the interface layout treats its visitor with kindness as a summary of setting is displayed and links in the sidebar are easy to understand. But there is one or two things missing in order for SiteWorx to be an excellent control panel; on the same level as cPanel.

  • 2008-02-19

    Parallels Plesk - A Good Control Panel for Web Hosting Clients!

    To make one thing clear, when registering a web host the control panel is one of the most important factors to base your decision on. This is extremely helpful for commercial users in their various needs. Whether it's to manage email account, domain names, file uploads or website statistics the control panel will assist the new as well as the more accomplished user. Not only with at user friendly graphical interface but tutorials and wizards as well.

  • 2008-02-14

    Webmail - Which One to Choose

    With the Internet so easy accessible we now have the possibility to check our emails while relaxing in the back garden. Read about three great Webmails that will make your life easier.

  • 2008-02-05

    Web Hosting Glossary

    Different types of terms in our comprehensive web hosting glossary on WebHostingSearch.com

  • 2007-12-12

    History of Web Hosting

    The internet has been the greatest media evolution since radio and television, and today is powered by nearly 50 million websites. The idea of the internet came almost three decades before web hosting services came into being in 1991. It started with the idea of networking.

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