Webmail - Which One to Choose

With the Internet so easy accessible we now have the possibility to check our emails while relaxing in the back garden. Read about three great Webmails that will make your life easier.

General about Webmail

When you talk about Webmail you're referring to email that you access via you web browser. Your e-mail isn't limited to one computer. As long as you have access to the Internet you'll able to read your mail. Many count the year of 1997 as the year when Webmail was introduced to the public, via the release of Hotmail. If you want to read more about the phenomenon that is Webmail we have a great article about this issue on our site.


The Squirrel Webmail is a standard-based e-mail written in PHP. Of, Course it's free to sign up with this client and here's why you really should consider it. Everything from the message list to the address book is greatly designed and easy navigated.

If you want to personalize your mail you have every possibility in the world to do it with Squirrel. With various themes the look of your Webmail can be adjusted to what you like. There are several plugins available if you feel like adding some extra details. For example you have the possibility add a calendar, extend the functionality of your address book and add filters to battle spam. Truly a great Webmail!


Access your emails anywhere in the world through the Horde webmail program. With Horde you'll easily be able compose emails and handle incoming messages. To make it easier for there is an excellent address book structuring your contacts. If you have some unfinished work you can save it as draft on the Horde Webmail Hosting.

Think of Horde as something similar to the widely known Outlook Express. The only difference is that with Horde you can access your emails wherever you are, as long as you can get on the Internet. There is a reason for the popularity of this Webmail.


RoundCube is a free Webmail software and it's probably the most well-known of the three listed here. Offering great inbox options, such as drag and & drop, privacy protection, integrated address book and HTML and multipart support this is a top-notch Webmail.

If there for any reason would be a problem with your mail, RoundCube offers an excellent customer support that will help you fix the bug. This is a Webmail setting a high standard!

Written 2008-02-14 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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