Parallels Plesk - A Good Control Panel for Web Hosting Clients!

To make one thing clear, when registering a web host the control panel is one of the most important factors to base your decision on. This is extremely helpful for commercial users in their various needs. Whether it's to manage email account, domain names, file uploads or website statistics the control panel will assist the new as well as the more accomplished user. Not only with at user friendly graphical interface but tutorials and wizards as well.

The Parallels Plesk control panel was formerly known as Plesk, only, but has now changed name to Parallels Plesk. This is done since Parallels has changed their logo and brand and wants to put together everything they do.

Windows similar interface

Before we start with reviewing the content of Parallels Plesk control panel its graphical interface has to be noticed. With clear resemblance to the design of Windows XP, Parallels Plesk seems to have aimed to create a more recognizable interface. Icons, layout and sidebar bear clear similarities to the world most used operative system.

A Call-To-Action Desktop

Management tools are available directly at the desktop and although tool titles can be a bit misleading for new and unaccustomed users all necessary and most important actions are represented.

The following tools are available at Parallels Plesk Control panel:

  • Create A Domain. Management of domain names.
  • Create Mailname. Management of email accounts.
  • Create a Web User Account. Here user can create accounts for website users.
  • Create a Database. Create or remove a Microsoft SQL or MySQL database.
  • Install a Site Application. 55 installable application on chosen user domain; web library to management tools for business entities.
  • Manage Files on Domain. Users can access and manage files with a web based file manager.
  • Edit Client's Preferences. Users can choose color schemes for control panel.

Parallels Plesk Control Panel seems constructed for the advanced user. No tutorials are directly available and although visible tools are pretty self explanatory the fact that the option of creating a database and/or web user account are a part of the index page says a lot about the user Parallels Plesk is meant to serve. Good news is though that in the end, the user has full control and can customized his/her desktop by adding or removing tools to be displayed.


The general pages of Parallels Plesk control panel are the desktop which is the user's customizable landing page and then there is the Home page which displays all tools, info and domains. Parallels Plesk has here compromised on the user's need by implementing two tool icons; Limits, Permissions seemingly only to promote the unlimited aspect and accessibility of the control panel. These tools serve no purpose but simply informs the user of something he/she should already know or have little use of.


Take a look at our Plesk video turial to learn the basics

Written 2008-02-19 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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