SiteWorx - A Control Panel for Beginner Web Hosting Clients!

SiteWorx web hosting control panel has everything necessary to call itself a proper control panel. Management settings over email, databases, domains, stats and files are all there on the main page. And the interface layout treats its visitor with kindness as a summary of setting is displayed and links in the sidebar are easy to understand. But there is one or two things missing in order for SiteWorx to be an excellent control panel; on the same level as cPanel.

User-Friendly Interface

When logging in SiteWorx invites to a control panel with relevant account features directly appearing informing the user of the current status of bandwidth, disk space, email account, database, ftp account and domain. Supporting the main window is a sidebar to the left with listed site services categorized on top. The main navigation is based in the vertical side bar and with the information and management is done is displayed and managed in the main window. It's an user - friendly interface built for the inexperienced user and certainly helps the user in managing his/her web hosting services rather than causing confusion.

Simple statistics

What many web hosting control panel producers often fail to realize is the importance of statistics. By offering easy-to-read stats as well as in-depth logs web hosts and control panel manufacturers can help their user to dramatically improve his/her websites. But like SiteWorx most settle with displaying colorful diagrams and graphics that might look nice but really is hard to draw any information or conclusions from. Luckily SiteWorx have chosen to outsource some of their statistics services to reliable sources like Webalizer and AW Stats. Bottom line, logs and stats generated by SiteWorx resources seem to have been displayed with a commercial purpose rather than an informational one.

No tutorials and add-ons

The more time that is spent on the control panel the stronger the feeling gets that this is either a control panel for the user in need of nothing other the space, bandwidth and domain or the more advanced user. There is no support like tutorials or FAQ's directly visible. The user should feel that it's ok not to know and understand everything.

The impression that SiteWorx control panel has been built to satisfy the basic need and nothing more gets stronger as well when no add-ons can be found. No installable scripts to create blogs, CMS or other advanced websites. The lack of more resources and services makes the control panel a bit dull. To summarize it has a user-friendly interface and fills the basic need of the user but does nothing more. SiteWorx simply blends in with its competitors rather than standing out.

Written 2008-02-20 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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