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Do you know what you’re looking for but can't find a Web Hosting solution that matches all of your requirements? On this page you can specify your needs and narrow your search to a shortlist of plans that have all the features you are looking for.

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Start with the feature you find most important - for example if you know which platform/operating system you need, or you know how much storage space your site requires, choose that option first. The tool will automatically update the number of matching plans as you select your options.

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Type, capacity and location

Type of hosting: Select a plan type which suits your needs.

Disc Space (GB): The amount of disk space you need for your files.

Monthly transfer: Often referred to as bandwidth and defined in bits per second. Most web hosts set a monthly transfer limit on how much data that can be transferred to and from the server.

Email Accounts: A web hosting plan often enable users to set up more than one email account based on the registered domain name as well as offering webmail and email software.

Addon Domains: With an add-on domain visitors are redirected to a subdirectory of the main domain while the name of the add on domain remains in the browser.

Subdomains: When you register a domain you are often able to create additional sub domains within that domain. An example of a sub domain could be

Ram: The amount of memory available for your server.

Resellable Domains: The number of domains you will be able to sell from your reseller account.

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There are 0 hosting plans matching your search.


Regarding the different Web Hosting plans, Cheap Web Hosting (hosting on a shared server) is the cheapest and most common. Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting plans are more advanced, while Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides a good middle ground. Our Hosting Types page has many more different kinds of hosting for you to choose from if you prefer to browse. 

For more information on the types of options available to you when choosing your Web Hosting plan, you can visit the pages below:

Basic Filters

Knowing which type of web hosting you need and the basic requirements of your site is half the battle.

Web Hosting Buying Guide

Development and Tools

If you are yet to decide on which scripting language to use, or would simply like to know more about the different options available, these pages should help:

ASP.NET HostingJava Hosting

Easy-Install Blogs, CMS, Forums and eCommerce

Helpful advice on the pros and cons of the various popular applications that you can install onto your server once you get hosting.

WordPress HostingeCommerce Hosting


There may be a lot more to your email solution than you previously thought!


Get inspired, decide upon your website's identity, and check its availability!

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Understand your visitors and your website's performance.

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Find out why a local hosting provider may be the best choice.

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