Updated: May 12, 2024

Java Web Hosting

Not to be confused with JavaScript, the Java programming language has been used since 1995 to enable dynamic and interesting content. Java Server Web Hosting is a specialized solution for people who have used Java to write their website, which makes it preferable to other types of hosting platform which simply offer Java support.

Our list of hosting providers is based on:

  • Ease of use
  • Company knowledge/support
  • Compatibility
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What is Java Hosting?

Java Web HostingJava Web Hosting is a hosting solution designed to support websites coded in Java, typically using a flavor of Linux as the operating system (OS). Although most modern hosting platforms can support Java, for developers using Java Server Pages (JSPs) and building web applications using Java, that fundamental focus on the language makes their efforts much simpler. 

The beauty of Java web hosting is that it keeps growing as your site grows without the need to rebuild and redeploy your core applications. Companies offering Java Server Pages (JSP) Hosting / Java Hosting and Servlet hosting accounts have advanced scaleable server technologies like Servlets, JSP, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and XML.

Popular technologies such as the Spring MVC Framework and JSP allow you to develop dynamic content in a simple manner, while Tomcat web hosting provides a continuous upgrade path that lets small businesses launch websites built on proven technology.

Java is a popular language with a thriving open-source community, and you can accomplish great things with very little investment of time or money. Hosting usually includes many Java-centric services, including one-touch deployment of popular applications and the necessary Java libraries. If you are looking to learn coding, Java & Java hosting are a good place to start as Java in general is considered to relatively easy to learn.


Pros and cons of Java Web Hosting


  • Ability to JSPs on a Java web server
  • Java-centric services, applets, mail etc
  • Java database management


  • Requires somebody with knowledge of Java programming language
  • Can be more expensive than alternatives


How Java Server Pages (JSPs) Work

A JSP consists of static data, the JSP directives, the JSP actions, scripting elements and variables, and the custom tags. Java Server Pages work best with web hosting services designed specifically for JSPs, which follow this procedure:

  1. A JSP is compiled into Java Servlets
  2. Your website is enabled with JSPs 
  3. A web container recognizes the Java Servlet and integrates it into the web server

These web hosts facilitate the creation of the Servlets and are enabled for easy use of JSPs and similar applications like Enterprise JavaBeans. A Java Web Hosting platform can be easily adapted to a website's needs especially with increasing traffic and more client based web service needs.


Brief History of Java

A reminder:

Java and JavaScript are NOT related! Java is a widely used programming language, while JavaScript is a completely different scripting language, most often used for front end development to add some spice to dynamic websites.Java Sun Microsystems

Java is a software platform and programming language, developed and released by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle) in the mid 1990's. 

Although Java is not quite the force it once was (it is now outnumbered by PHP and ASP.NET web applications), many websites and apps are still built using Java. Android devices in particular use it to great extent, and Java remains a very good platform and language to work from.


Java Terminology

Java Server Pages icon

Java Server Pages (JSPs)

JSP is the technology enabling developers to create dynamic web pages based in HTML and XML while using the Java programming language. Although officially deprecated, Java Server Pages remains one of the most popular Java technologies for building websites.

Java Servlet

A type of Java programming language that enhances the power of a server. Java Servlets can respond to any type of request made, however in the majority of cases it is used extend web server applications. The diagram below intends to explain the configuration of a Java Servlet:

Java Servlet diagram

See Java's own help page here: What Is a Servlet?

Apache Tomcat Logo

Tomcat (Apache Tomcat)

Apache Tomcat software is used to power many large and important web applications across multiple industries. For JSPs to run and be deployed, the web server must have a Tomcat (or Jetty) Servlet container.

Click for more information about Apache Tomcat.


What to look for in a Java Hosting Provider

As with other web hosting services, when you are looking for a JSP/Java hosting plan, you want to make sure you get the best features at the best price. Take the time to compare not only the web hosting companies' hosting fee and reviews, but the features and support offered as well.

Java Server Pages support

Application and service frameworks, including access to server resources

Absolute minimum of 512mb RAM

Java Servlet container, such as Tomcat

Linux OS and Java platform

Most Java web hosts provide application and service frameworks, some of which provide powerful access to server resources. Choosing these additional tools should be the focus of your search for a host.


Is Java Hosting Right for You?

JSP is powerful and one of the most commonly used web technologies, but due to the system requirements involved with Java specific hosting, some web hosts do not offer Java Hosting on a shared server, insisting that it is either set up as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or on a dedicated server.

Java web hosting is best suited to people who will primarily use JSF (Java Server Faces), JSPs and Facelets to create their website or Java web applications. It can also be a strong option for the beginner who is learning Java and wants to apply it in a real-world scenario.

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However, if you only use Java infrequently we advise looking at the information about other web hosting services listed on this website, particularly Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Hosting and Shared Server Hosting.

Still not sure? Get help from our Hosting Wizard and Knowledge Base, or Compare Web Hosting plans side by side - whatever you decide, Web Hosting Search is here to help you find the best deal!