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Blogs form a huge percentage of the websites online today. More and more people are using them to get their thoughts out into the world, share their expertise, and even supplement their income. This section contains articles ranging from the basics of starting up a blog to how you can create your own WordPress theme. Dive in!

  • The 50 Best WordPress Plugins in 2012

    The 50 Best WordPress Plugins in 2012

    Launched in 2003 as a Web-based typography enhancement, WordPress soon developed into the leading self-hosted blogging tool, a system used by millions of websites around the world. WordPress is free (open source) and one of its most popular features is its sophisticated, yet accessible, plugin architecture. With thousands of free plugins available, users can create a WordPress (WP) instance that is uniquely suited to them. With that in mind, we present the 50 best WordPress plugins for 2012.
  • 2012-02-08

    The 100 Best Black and White WordPress Themes

    WordPress is the most popular blog platform around because it’s powerful and extensible. A crucial element of that extensibility is the theme framework, which allows you to adjust the structure and the aesthetics of your WordPress site easily. Themes with many colors and intense graphic design seem to get most of the attention. So in this article, we aim to shake up the status quo by presenting you with the 100 best black-and-white themes available for WordPress.
    The 100 Best Black and White WordPress Themes
  • 2011-11-18

    Have You Secured Your Blog?

    Operating your own blog is not only fun and entertaining, but it can also turn into a profitable venture. Many beginner bloggers are under the impression that they can simply open an account with one of the popular online blogging platforms, such as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, and nothing else need be done. However, security can become a major issue if specific measures are not taken.
    Have You Secured Your Blog?
  • Top 5 Blogging Platforms 2011

    Top 5 Blogging Platforms 2011

    What are the key ingredients of an excellent blogging platform? Prominence, high average readership, a clean visual presentation, and the ability to adapt to changing trends are vital components to any platform that wants to grow and thrive.
  • The Beginner's Guide to WordPress

    The Beginner's Guide to WordPress

    Launching a successful blog takes time. But thankfully, simple blogging scripts like WordPress have made the start-up process much easier. Even if you have minimal computer skills, you can build your own blog using WordPress, which is free, open sourced and easy to use. In this article we'll go over the basics of building your blog with the WordPress software. For starters, we will review how to install WordPress. And then, we'll cover the bells and whistles of WordPress like choosing the best plug-in, web hosting, themes and blogging resources too.
  • 2010-09-03

    Why Start a Blog?

    The online world of blogging, communicating your thoughts, ideas, and opinions for all the world to see, can be an intimidating community to consider joining. Why start a blog in the first place, and what possible advantages could there be for you in this risky adventure? After all, you will be putting yourself, including your imperfect perceptions, assumptions, and conclusions out there for public scrutiny and criticism. And why would anyone really be interested in what you have to say anyway? The truth is there are more good reasons today to consider blogging than there are to stay holed up in your thoughts and privacy, going nowhere.
  • 2009-11-05

    20 Great UX Blogs for Web Designers

    Usability and user experience (UX) are often underestimated by web designers but if you want your sites to have a professional touch as well as keeping your vistors happy, you can't afford not to pay attention to usability and its principles. There are many thick books on usability and user experience but if you want to stay on top of UX news, at all times, you'd better read the blogs that define the usability standards and principles of today.
  • 2009-04-28

    21 Wordpress Plugins Of All Time

    As there are some +4000 plugins out there we thought it is well about time to create a more comprehensible list for you fellow wp-peers. We spent last weekend testing Worpdress plugins, around the clock until our eyes bled. The result was a list of 21 exceptional plugins, each useful and fun in its own special way.

    All plugins listed in this article are compatible up to Wordpress 2.7.1. For latest updates, head on over to

  • 2009-03-26

    Six Easy Steps DIY: Move Your Blog currently hosts millions of blogs (and counting), most of them content with WordPress as the hosting provider. But every year thousands of bloggers still make the journey to the other side - the world of web hosting. To make this voyage shorter, sweeter and easier for the traveler we have written a step-by-step guide including all the steps you need to take in order to successfully move your blog from

  • 2009-03-03

    Stop Tweaking! Create Your Own Wordpress Theme

    This tutorial goes out to anybody who has ever found a Wordpress theme he thought he liked only to end up tweaking the stylesheet and template files until it looked nothing like the original. We ask you this; why not create a Wordpress theme from scratch and learn how things work? Think it's too much hassle? Get your copy/paste moves ready. We'll show you how to create a theme in 10 steps.

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