Why Start a Blog?

The online world of blogging, communicating your thoughts, ideas, and opinions for all the world to see, can be an intimidating community to consider joining. Why start a blog in the first place, and what possible advantages could there be for you in this risky adventure? After all, you will be putting yourself, including your imperfect perceptions, assumptions, and conclusions out there for public scrutiny and criticism. And why would anyone really be interested in what you have to say anyway? The truth is there are more good reasons today to consider blogging than there are to stay holed up in your thoughts and privacy, going nowhere.

What's in it for me personally?

Personal Blog

From a personal vantage point, blogging is a place to organize your thoughts, to plan your next steps, and to reflect on your past successes and failures. When was the last time you committed yourself to regular, deliberate, contemplative thought processing? To operate your blog will require prioritizing your time, a self-discipline that every person can benefit from. Because you will want to write intelligently, you will need to be habitually reading for input, another important activity that is intellectually stimulating and continues the lifelong learning process that makes us more alive and interesting as human beings.

At the purely social level, blogging is a way to network and improve your social life. Both casual friendships and deeper relationships today are often initially forged through Internet interaction. The convenience of meeting people of similar interests through online dialogue can certainly outweigh hanging out at a singles' bar, hoping to cross paths with someone who shares your passions and hobbies.

Blogging allows you to take your place, to "homestead" out there in the virtual world community of technology. Since this is the communications medium of the future, you might as well jump in and learn how to interact. Everyone benefits emotionally from the sense of belonging, and as you share yourself with the online community, you will eventually enjoy the privileged feeling of owning membership in a world-wide club.

Professionally, why start a blog?

Professional Blog

At a very basic level, making connections with your colleagues can be very good for your career. As long as you write intelligently, you will improve your credibility within your field of expertise. Interacting with your peers will keep you from becoming stagnated. New ideas and thoughts that are freely exchanged definitely promote learning and discovery. The value of meaningful dialogue between peers cannot be underestimated.

In today's world, where consumerism seems to be the norm, blogging allows you, the professional to give something back, to contribute to the world of thoughts, ideas, and creativity. As you continue your own learning process to support and develop your blogs, your intellectual conversations become richer and more significant. What you have to say may impact the thinking of someone half way around the world. Such is the wonderful opportunity available on the World Wide Web.

The first step to a blog

One of the very first step you need to take when starting a blog is choosing platform and obtaining quality hosting supporting it. WordPress is generally the most popular hosting platform and thankfully there are many hosting plans supporting. Picking the right plan, however, can prove to be a daunting task as there are hundreds to choose between and they all sound pretty similar. Due to this, we asked our editors to pick their top three WordPress Hosting plans. We wanted something strong, reliable and affordable. These are the plans we were given:

Stepping out into the world of blogging is definitely not without risks, but it can also be life-changing. Becoming a contributor, a producer instead of merely another consumer, lifts you emotionally to another level. If not for others, consider blogging for what it can do for you.

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Written 2010-09-03 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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Abdullah-al-amin,  26 June, 2011

I think there are lots of reason when i start a good blog? thanks for sharing.

ebusinessmom,  5 November, 2010

there are lots of reason why you have to choose to blog nay it be personal or for business reasons....

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