21 Wordpress Plugins Of All Time

As there are some +4000 plugins out there we thought it is well about time to create a more comprehensible list for you fellow wp-peers. We spent last weekend testing Worpdress plugins, around the clock until our eyes bled. The result was a list of 21 exceptional plugins, each useful and fun in its own special way.

All plugins listed in this article are compatible up to Wordpress 2.7.1. For latest updates, head on over to Wordpress.org/extend/plugins.

21. Easy Gravatars

Gravatars are, as you might know synonymous for Global Avatars. With Easy Gravatars plugin you can enable gravatars for comments so that people commenting can display their Gravatar-image. Go to Gravatars.com to create your own global avatar. Then, everytime you comment, and add the same email address that you registered at Gravatars.com, your own gravatar will show up next to your comments.

20. Sociable

Developed by the plugin guru Joost de Valk, Sociable automatically adds links to all your favorite social bookmarking sites to your posts.


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, YARPP allows you to match and display relevant and relating content below posts or in the sidebar. This plugin is great to increase your site's navigation paths and decrease bounce rate.

18. Adsense Manager

Rather than heading over to your Google account every time you want to manage your Adsense ads, with this plugin you can implement them into your Wordpress admin. Developers have also included a donating option, which is set to a three percent default of your adsense earnings.

17. Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is a great plugin for anyone who wants to keept track of website statistics using Google Analytics with Wordpress. Automatically adding script code needed, this plugin also comes with a widget to view stats directly in the admin. It also support hiding of admin visits without affecting the stats.

16. SidePosts Widget

Display featured posts in the sidebar with SidePosts Widget. This allows you to show more content to your visitors, and in doing so improving page navigation.

15. FlickrRSS

FlickrRSS is the plugin that connects your Flickr account with your website, offering a variation of ways to display your Flickr photos on your site.

14. Add to Any: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

Much like Sociable, Add to Any adds links popular social bookmarking sites, but in addition this plugin comes with a dynamic widget as the screenshot shows above. Plus it changes language based on the visitor's IP.

13. WPtouch iPhone Theme

This goofy plugin changes your site design to the iPhone look.

12. Twitter Tools

By none other than wp veteran Alex King, this plugin intergrates your Twitter account with your Wordpress site.

11. Wp-PageNavi

Forget about "Older posts", PageNavi adds a more advanced page navigation below the loop.

10. Wordpress Popular Posts

Listing the most populat posts, this plugin gives the visitor additional options for continuous navigation through the sites content.

9. Wp-Polls

With Wp-Poll you can create any number of different polls, manage and design them, and to finally be displayed through a sidebar widget or directly in a posts.

8. Wp-PostRatings

Allows your visitors to rate posts. Several different icons are included and the results can be display as highest rated through a sidebar widget.

7. Cforms II

Cforms is currently the dominating plugin when it comes to contacts forms on Wordpress sites. You have significant freedom regarding the cform design and can add it to a post, page or the sidebar.

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6. Wp Digg This

Unlike other digg-plugins, Wp Digg This allows you to show the digg button selectively, and not in all posts.

5. Wp-Super Cache

By generating HTML files, Wp-Super Cache takes substantial load off the web server, caused by heavy PHP scripts in the Wordpress CMS. This plugin is great in case of any unexpected spikes in traffic, as it lowers the risk of your website crashing due to CPU overload.

4. Simple Sitemap

This sitemap plugin is perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, but has a load of functionality to make up for it. A simple and easy way to generate an xml-sitemap for your site. Additionally, search engines are notified when you create your sitemap.

3. Wp-db-backup

Use this plugin to back up your Wordpress databases. You also have the option of scheduling frequent backups.

2. Akismet

The one and only spam-filter against spam and false trackbacks in comments. As soon as your site starts ranking in the search engines, spam is going to find its way to your posts. A must-have plugin to avoid wasting time and sanity on deleting spam.

1. IntenseDebate

IntenseDebate is an awesome plugin that add several advanced function to site commenting. Comments can be voted up or down, directly replied to and users IP addresses can be blocked. This plugin will spice up your comment section for sure.

Written 2009-04-28 (Updated 2016-10-10)

Chad Bean

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Prashant,  11 March, 2012

all is useful plugins thanks for share ...:)

Abdullah-al-amin,  26 June, 2011

A VERY GREAT LIST! i really like it.

Amit Desai,  16 July, 2009

i have shared my experience on installing ID on wordpress 2.7.1 and have given solutions to all major issues faced during installation. you can read it here http://www.gigathoughts.com/technology/how-to-install-intensedebate-on-wordpress-271.html

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