Server collocation places your computer system or multiple computer systems at a co location facility. This basically means that you will be able to take maximum advantage of high-level internet bandwidth. In other words; it ensures that your information is delivered to the Internet quickly and reliably.

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    More about Colocation Hosting

    A colocation server eliminates the need for payment of expensive circuits to your location while simultaneously allowing you a greater level of uptime reliability. You can also choose the level of network performance that meets your requirements facilitating rapid and seamless growth as your Web needs keep changing.

    Server co location is advantageous as network engineers are monitoring your server's Internet connection 24/7. However, in the rare event, there is a problem you will have an experienced team of network specialists working to resolve the problem instantly.

    Managed Hosting v/s Server Co-location

    Managed Hosting is a server owned and managed by the Server Co location Provider. Managed hosting services will normally include server processes, hardware monitoring, data backup and occasionally, even operating system level management. Managed Hosting services may include a host of other services covered by the individual provider support agreement. Server co location includes rack space and bandwidth at the data center, but you are responsible for all other aspects of your servers. Certain Managed Hosting services will many times be offered as value-add services for some extra cost.

    What to Look For: A Good Way to Compare Colocation Facilities

    The key thing to remember about colocation is that the server's very accessibility depends on the network infrastructure that powers the various server cabinets and racks at the facility. In the best colocation facilities, servers are powered by a seriously high speed broadband connection that benefits from being highly redundant. In essence, this means that multiple broadband connections from multiple companies serve the facility, allowing servers to remains online even if one provider's services go down for any amount of time.

    The use of redundant broadband connections generally means that reputable colocation facilities will promise uptime of 100 percent. At the very least, the colocation company should promise uptime of 99.99 percent in its service level agreement. Reviewing this agreement and looking at uptime guarantees is a key part of the shopping process when picking between the major colocation companies currently offering their services in any given area.

    Scalability and Power Redundancy: More Features and Benefits to Look For

    Another key thing to look for when shopping for collocated server space is a redundant electrical connection that's backed up by high-powered generators. All too often, a simple power outage can send servers at smaller facilities offline until a local power utility has restored electric service to the surrounding area. That's the kind of downtime that large companies and sophisticated web developers just can't afford.

    The best colocation facilities offer redundant power connections that allow them to withstand any local power outage or power grid failure. Furthermore, they offer generator-based power that can keep servers online even during natural disasters and long-term outages that would otherwise leave business owners stranded and without their crucial data.

    The search for scalability should also accompany the quest for a local colocation facility. Most facilities will offer server space ranging from a single slot to an entire cabinet or rack, working with developers and business owners of all sizes. The key thing to remember about choosing any space in a colocation facility, however, is that the space should be able to grow with the company's needs. As it requires more servers, the company should be able to easily buy more space in a cabinet and grow their resources effortlessly.

    Scalability and Redundancy Make Colocation Hosting a Great Option

    With the right attention to detail, colocation hosting can be a great alternative to traditional dedicated servers and other hosting products that cater more to smaller businesses and less powerful developers. Its ability to withstand everything from broadband downtime to power outages, and to be managed by local server professionals, makes it a scalable, hands-off way to embrace the best that web hosting has to offer.