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Web design and programming implies a lot of topics and elements, and it is almost impossible to know it all. But that's not reason not to try!

  • The Basics of Lightboxes

    The Basics of Lightboxes

    One of the biggest trends in web design to emerge over the past half-decade or so has been a move toward creating websites that appear more like standalone applications than like the traditional websites of an earlier era. The goal of these websites is to employ advanced design languages, like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, to create a website that can open windows, present information without a page refresh, and guide end users toward their destination with fewer distractions and less confusion. One of the key tools helping to accomplish this goal of greater simplicity and app-like functionality is the lightbox. Occasionally known as a "modal window" or a "modal dialog," these pop-up boxes transform the way visitors interact with photos, login or registration forms, and even blog comments or the products featured in an online store.
  • 2013-05-09

    20 Best Responsive Web Design Tools

    As mobile devices have become a primary gateway to the Internet, developers have sought a way to make their websites friendly to virtually every screen size and device type, using either adaptive or responsive design. Over the past year or so, responsive design has emerged as the clear standard for creating a website that can scale its content and images to tablets, smartphones, and traditional desktop computers. For those looking to embrace this method of web design, there are a few key tools that can make development and deployment easier and a bit quicker.
  • 2013-03-06

    CSS for Beginners: An Introduction to Design and Presentation

    Any web designer aspiring to create stunning designs that conform to today's web standards has likely heard or seen the acronym "CSS" in numerous support forums, tutorials, and documents across the Internet. CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, has quickly become the leading way to determine exactly how websites appear in browsers that span from desktop models to those on mobile devices. Because of its universal nature and the relative ease with which CSS can control the appearance of websites, it is now the preferred way to control the visual appearance of content online.
    CSS for Beginners: An Introduction to Design and Presentation
  • 2013-02-21

    The 10 Best Joomla Extensions

    Over the past several years, Joomla has quickly become one of the leading content management systems on the planet, competing in a robust way with the likes of industry-leading WordPress and Drupal. Like many of its counterparts, Joomla is known for its ability to support a nearly unlimited number of extensions, adding functionality and new content management routines to its already impressive list of built-in features. With a thriving developer community that numbers in the thousands, the number of extensions available for the system is growing by the day.
    The 10 Best Joomla Extensions
  • The 20 Best CMS for 2013

    The 20 Best CMS for 2013

    With content marketing finally coming into the mainstream and search engines like Google focusing on quality content and even author rankings, the time has never been better to choose an industry-leading content management system. There are a plethora of options available, and each of the 20 best systems deserves their mention due to different factors. After all, "best" can mean the most basic, the most advanced, the most popular, and a whole host of other things. Here's a look at 2013's best systems.
  • The 14 Best Tools for Design Mockups

    The 14 Best Tools for Design Mockups

    Creating a mockup for your client's website is an excellent way to begin the web design process. A mockup is a basic layout of text and other graphical elements on a website at the initial stage of web design. Mockups are sometimes referred to as wireframes.
  • A Guide to Responsive Web Design

    A Guide to Responsive Web Design

    There are few design trends more prominent than responsive web design, which has rapidly become the preferred way to design websites in an era that is characterized by increasing smartphone adoption, the proliferation of tablet-style devices, and screens of varying sizes that all require their own, unique layout. This innovative method of designing websites actually uses a single design that can be scaled up or down to meet the unique demands of any screen resolution, making it the perfect option for designers who want a consistent and usable experience for users across the board.
  • 2013-01-25

    The 30 Best Web Accessibility Tools

    Creating web accessible forms can be a daunting task. With many different web standards and conventions, it can sometimes be hard to separate the noise from the useful information. While difficult, it is still necessary to create content that is easily seen by all types of people, no matter their disabilities or restrictions. This list of the 30 best web accessibility tools will help you, as a developer, create more accessible web pages and make the Internet a better place.
    The 30 Best Web Accessibility Tools
  • Key Features in a CMS

    Key Features in a CMS

    A good content management system (CMS) helps individuals, businesses and organizations to create, manage and maintain websites that meet the standards of today’s dynamic Internet environment. Search engines are looking for high-quality content that meets users’ needs, while users expect sites to be fresh, relevant and up-to-date. Features differ from service to service, but there are several key components that a CMS should have in order to deliver a smooth user experience on both ends.
  • The Importance of A/B Testing

    The Importance of A/B Testing

    A/B testing is an analytical method that has received a great deal of buzz recently due to its increasing popularity in web development. A/B testing, however, is much more than just a buzz term; it is a tried and true marketing concept that was in use long before that advent of the Internet. Previously, it was most commonly associated with direct mail marketing, and many of those direct mail concepts and strategies have translated seamlessly to doing business on the World Wide Web.

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