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E-business is developing rapidly and new opportunities in e-marketing, IT systems and portals are evolving quickly. SME's often don't have the resources to keep in step with ever-changing trends and technologies. Choosing a web hosted e-commerce package can therefore be the perfect choice to start an online business with small investment and without effort.

The rental e-commerce packages of Strato, Lycos, British Telecom and many others all have one thing in common: they are based on ePages technology. The e-commerce software offers numerous configuration options, intuitive usability as well as many marketing and sales tools. These features are convincing: 40,000 online shops all over Europe are based on ePages software.

All that is needed to set up an online shop with ePages is a computer with Internet access. Best of all: ePages delivers new features automatically to rented stores. In February, for instance, ePages announced a partnership with Ciao, one of Europe's leading consumer review and price comparison websites. After an update overnight, ePages shops directly benefited from the opportunities this social shopping network offers. And ePages is constantly looking for and adding new applications and integrations.

Distribution channels

Potential customers use search engines or shopping portals of major providers to find the products they look for. With ePages online retailers can place their products in precisely these channels. Products can be exported to various platforms and presented to a wider public. As these portals like eBay, Google Base, Kelkoo or become more and more relevant for customers, the number of portals connected to ePages grows constantly.

Word-of-mouth advertising and personal recommendations are still the most credible type of product advice. ePages software allows customers to recommend products to friends and acquaintances in just a few clicks via the "tell-a-friend-function" - today a necessity for successful online retail.

Professional environment

The design of the ePages shops is characterized by intuitive catalogue layouts and ease of use. The customer is always in control, whether browsing through the store or using the incisive search functionality to find a specific product.

ePages software offers security certificates such as Trusted Shops, SafeBuy and Confianza Online. Secure, integrated payment systems, e.g. PayPal and WorldPay, help to accentuate the credibility and transparency of the web shop.

A multimedia shopping experience is easy to create with ePages. Product animations with integrated audio, video or PDF files allow online retailers to properly present their products. Alternating product views in the storefront can easily be created via the back office - creating a simple but great effect.

Online shoppers expect a personalized service and information on demand. With ePages, retailers enable their customers to manage their access and address details themselves and check order status 24 hours a day. Important information and preferences are saved automatically so registered users are addressed by name and can create their own shopping lists and newsletter subscription preferences.

Expanding potential in e-business

Using the cross-selling and auto cross-selling, the most popular complementary products can be automatically recommended to a customer's choice.

ePages shops are also equipped with a standard interface for etracker, making it possible to analyze visitors behavior. This helps to improve an online shop as shop owners can easily find out if special offers are being accepted or where and why customers stop the order process.

Newsletter and coupon tools help to keep in contact with customers. ePages software includes an integrated coupon and newsletter option that supports the customer loyalty management. The personalized newsletters are easy to handle via the back office providing a wide range of options to promote new products and special offers.

Written 2008-05-26 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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