Top 10 Inspirational Websites for 2011

As we enter 2011 it's the perfect time to reflect on all that's happened in the last year and get inspired for the year ahead. In the last year we saw web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera become faster and better, the popularity of the iPad and other tablet devices required developers and designers to think more creatively and the demand for cloud-based services has seen web hosting companies respond with better offerings. 

We've put together a list of our favorite websites and blogs to make sure you start 2011 inspired and informed. All of these sites have strong community support and great resources for tutorials, reviews, design inspiration and breaking news. Here's to a great year!

1. Mashable


Mashable is considered by many to be the first place to check for news covering social and digital media, technology and web culture. The site is polished, easy to navigate and filled with information.

2. Abduzeedo


Abduzeedo is one of our favorite sites for daily design inspiration. They do a great job of finding the best of the web with a focus on design and design related tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator as well as other software like Pixelmator and Fireworks.

3. ReadWriteWeb


ReadWriteWeb is a very popular blog that analyzes web products and trends to put it all in perspective. They have daily articles regarding social media, mobile products, real-time web, apps and much more.

4. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

If you haven't visited Smashing Magazine it's time to check them out. The site is full of great articles, inspiration and tutorials for designers and developers. Content covers everything from Wordpress to fonts, from coding to freebies, so there is something for everyone.

5. Onextrapixel

One Extrapixel

This site was created by two developers and designers from Singapore who have plenty of tips, tutorials and resources. Lucky for us they are a great resource for inspiration and lots of great advice to keep your web designs functional and looking great.

6. A List Apart

A List Apart

A List Apart describes themselves as "a website for people who make websites". Their many writers have consistently good articles covering design, development and the meaning of web content. Other topics include web standards and best practices, as well as web culture and strategy.

7. Design Informer


As part of the Smashing Mag network this site focuses on the latest and greatest in web design and graphic design. As the name says it really is a wealth of information for designers with a great collection of tutorials.

8.Web Monkey


If you work with web development or design this site offers a unique selection of tutorials and articles covering what's hot right now. It's a part of the WIRED website and focuses on all things regarding web apps, browsers and development.

9. TechCrunch

Tech Crunch

TechCrunch and its family of pages (gadgets, mobile, enterprise, etc) cover everything from software to hardware and all the business in between. The blog has great commentary on all things web related and encourages community input.

10. Woorkup


You'll find that Woorkup is a great combination of in-depth tutorials and resources for designers and developers. The site is polished and their community actively comments on the articles. These guys are great at bringing relevant stories forward from all over the web.

Do you have any favorite sites when in need of inspiration and information? Please let us know in the comments below!

Written 2011-01-12 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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