The Best Sites to Learn Web Design

Web designers are in high demand these days. Most companies present their offerings over the Internet, which obviously requires them to have their own website. Surprisingly, the most compelling web content today does not come from computer programmers like many would assume. The truth is that there are many creative thinkers out there with different backgrounds who find themselves creating web designs either as a hobby or professionally.

Best Sites to Learn Web Design

Many web designers of today have learned their craft through websites that provide lessons in the necessary basics. These websites provide step by step instructions and accurate information covering advanced technologies used in web design such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript among others. The following sites are among the most popular and highly recommended go-to tutorials when it comes to learning web design.

Award-winning W3schools offers free tutorials in web development technologies. It is a one-stop learning, testing and training site for aspiring, and professional, web designers. The site does not only teach HTML programming. It is an ultimate webmaster’s resource as it offers almost all the major web design components. There are no other sites that teach technologies like CSS, ASP, HTML, XSL, SQL, PHP, SOAP and many others in one place.

W3Schools has an organized and easy to navigate interface. The examples are all simplified so that beginners can read and understand everything. In addition, the experts behind the site constantly review, correct, develop and upgrade the tutorials, examples and references. Today, W3Schools is one of the strongest sites on the web with an average of one million hits per day.

CodeAcademy mostly teaches JavaScript, however, it has recently added more technologies such as HTML, CSS, Python and Ruby. With this, aspiring web designers learn programming basics, develop JavaScript apps and create games. They can also create a webpage and add color, style and images with tables and links.

CodeAcademy provides resources for beginners to learn rapid prototyping, DOM manipulation, animation creation, even handling and everything they need to come up with a compelling website. CodeAcademy sets its tutorial method in such a way that people who are complete beginners to web design can understand the process quickly. It is among the pioneers of gamification where students have online interaction with scoring and awards just like playing games.

WebDevelopersNotes is also a free learning resource for potential web designers. The site offers free tutorials for HTML, Flash, JavaScript, SQL, web hosting, web graphics, email programs and web promotion. In addition to comprehensive tutorials for basic programming, the site also offers tips and tricks and articles about the latest in the industry.

The site is free, and all the information is concise and straightforward.  All services and tutorials are well-organized to make it easy for users to look for them through the page.

Tizag is one of the best introductory and tutorial sites for Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, SQL and JavaScript. Students, and even professionals, frequently stop by the site to check out these technologies and learn from them. The tutorials, examples and references are often developed and upgraded. Tizag offers more than enough resources to help beginners come up with their own websites.

Many users commended Tizag’s PHP reference. Many professional web designers today started from scratch with Tizag, and some are now making a fortune with their skills.

Web Design aims to help potential designers unleash the creativity in them. This is because it is among the most convenient and comprehensive resources they make use of today. Web Design provides tutorials, articles and references to guide beginners in creating a user-friendly, memorable and well-organized web design. With this, designers are able to stand out against the web design crowd.

Web Design teaches web design basics, 3D graphics, HTML and CSS, PHP, ASP and JavaScript. The site is committed to providing users with timely information about the web design industry.

Quackit teaches new and aspiring designers the web design basics through its slow but comprehensive HTML and CSS tutorials. Once users are able to master them, Quackit will introduce more advanced technologies. With this, users can add more features to their website. The best thing above it is that everyone can take advantage of all these resources for free.

The site also offers tutorials for SQL, ColdFusion, PHP, VBScript, Microsoft Access, XML and website hosting.

WebReference is a network website from that is known for its genuine and high quality content. With WebReference, potential designers can make use of the resources available to help them get started with their first webpage. This is where they can learn the basics and upgrade their skills to a more advanced level.

The site also provides recent articles about what’s hot and not in the web design industry. Users can also learn some tips and tricks from these articles that the web design experts provide.

WebMonkey is another free resource for everyone. This is where professional designers, programmers and builders share their expertise through their tutorials, articles, code snippets and many other contributions.

WebMonkey provides only the freshest information from the web design industry to make sure that all aspiring and professional designers can keep up with the changes. Its web development and design category is easy to find on its website. There are also categories for software, apps and platforms.

EchoEcho is a complete guide for web design beginners. The site offers valuable resources for web design, web hosting and web page construction. It has a special section for free resources where users can find tutorials to make their pages look stunning.

One of the most appealing features that EchoEcho has is that users can interact with each other. They can post comments or complaints on the forum. Beginners can ask for help, and experts can provide them the answers. Popular tutorials include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and Java Applets.

MsdnMicrosoft offers tutorials for beginners through its three tier program. In the first tier, users will learn about the basics of web development and the Internet. This is where they will first encounter technologies like Cascading Style Sheets, HTML and JavaScript.

Meanwhile, the second tier will teach them ASP.NET. This is the easiest method to create code in order to run a website. Users will also learn web-based user interfaces, applications, events and how to maximize Visual Web Developer 2008. The last tier is for masters. This is where users learn the most advanced technologies to create their own web applications.

Academic Tutorials offers more than 100 programming lessons, tutorials and tips and tricks. Anyone can freely make use of all these resources including postings in the forum. Academic Tutorials website is easy to use. All categories are organized well so users can find them in an instant.

The site’s top tutorials include HTML, XML and JavaScript. There are quizzes that users can answer in order to evaluate their learning. Academic Tutorials promises to provide easy and quick learning for aspiring web designers and developers.

Users describe HTML Primer as a wiki for CSS and HTML because of the comprehensive information it offers. The site provides easy to follow instruction appropriate for beginners. The site’s editors always post valuable content, articles and updates about the web design industry.

HTMlite offers easy and complete tutorials for web design beginners. The site provides step by step instructions for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, SSI, Perl, CGI, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess, FTP, XML and XSLT.  In addition to these tutorials, the site offers articles that talk about the latest in the industry and the newest tricks in web design.

jQuery is a newest innovation in the JavaScript library. Using the site allows new web designers and developers to learn simplified HTML event handling, document traversing, animating and Ajax interactions for fast and easy web design and development. It is a fast and comprehensive JavaScript library. jQuery features a lightweight footprint, CSS5 compliance and cross-browser features.

HTML Code Tutorial provides users with comprehensive HTML code guides to create their own web page. Web designers and developers share their expertise with beginners. The site has resources and tutorials for basic web design and forms, frames, applets and links.

There are webmasters who are ready to help beginners solve their web design problems. The HTML Help Forum a venue for webmasters to answer queries about topics that are not included in the main resources. In addition, users can take advantage of the free and premium web templates. They also get the chance to get cheap domain registration and web hosting programs.

HTMLDog specializes in HTML and CSS tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  HTML Dog features the quick and easy to follow practical guides that will help web designers and developers run their websites with CSS and HTML using the best practices available today.

HTMLDog also has a reference section with HTML Tags and CSS Properties. It also features a handful of articles for updates and new tips in web design. HTML Dog has its own book that is available from retailers now. This is the best choice for people who want to learn web design in print.

Smashing Magazine features general design principles, user interfaces and typography in its articles. It also provides insights and practical pieces for new and professional web designers and developers. Smashing Magazine is a great choice for people who want to take advantage of web design’s business side.

There are not as many tutorials on this as some others, but it has a lot of fresh ideas for web designers. There are valuable articles about JavaScript and jQuery, CSS, CSS3 and Wordpress. Its web design category covers topics in Photoshop, responsive design, mobile design and typography. makes it easy for potential web designers to find the best sites and resources where they can learn how to create webpages. The site’s main goal is to provide users the most reliable, comprehensive and free design inspirations, icons, brushes, fonts, stock photos, Ajax components, JavaScript, galleries, modal windows, charts, calendars, plug-ins and many others.

Although WebAppers was designed mainly as a blog, it has already helped a lot of aspiring web designers. There are many free sites to learn web design, and choosing can be difficult. WebAppers simplifies the search with additional articles for designers to learn some new tricks.

Free Webmaster Help offers everything that a webmaster needs. The site contains tutorials and articles that deal with the latest and the most popular issues in the industry. There are also available tools that will help aspiring web designers create their site. All these services are free. There is a new feature added called Ask the Webmaster where users and guests can ask about web design and development. They can expect to get answers from the webmasters themselves.

Web design is complicated. It takes many years for someone to master the craft. Some people go and get formal education and training just to learn. With the help of these sites, becoming a web designer is convenient and easy. All it takes is passion and the willingness to spend a lot of time and effort to learn through these websites.

Written 2012-11-13 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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