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If you are on the lookout for available domain names you do not have to look any further. With the web being more popular than ever many domains are already taken. It is however not impossible to find a real gem. Use our domain search to find out which domains are available. You can either search by using keywords or type in the exact domain name you want.

Our search has a few different options to help find the best available domain for you:

  • The name suggestions option is based on your keywords, and will give both suggestions on the words and misspellings. If you want to find out if a specific domain name is available, the top two results will show you if .com and .net versions are taken or not.
  • Available with traffic” searches for domain names which are unregistered but for some reason are still getting visits. We recommend setting this to “only featured” for a start, to only see results where names are based on dictionary words – unless you search for a word which is not in the dictionary of course. If you want to search for one or few keywords, this might be the best available option.
  • Available Soon” looks for domain names which will become available within the next few days, usually because the owner decided to let them go or not paying the annual fee. Here, you can sort the results on how many incoming links there are from other websites, the domain name length, the date it will become available or on the score a name receives from the search analysis (based on factors such as traffic, similarity to your search, domain name length and popular search terms). If you select one which is not yet available, you can try to reserve it – although as usual the best ones can be hard to get.

Country code Top Level Domains

All our search options currently only include results for .net and .com domains. If you want to have a look at other TLDs, such as .travel, .it or .nu, we recommend visiting GoDaddy for those.  You can tell the search to include synonyms, hyphens or numbers in the suggestions, although we recommend first looking for your keyword(s) without any extras.


Choosing a domain name

Domain name partsIf this is the first time you try to register a domain name, chances are that you find it difficult to figure out which are the best options. We always recommend trying to find a short but simple name with relevant keywords, no hyphens or numbers which is unique enough not to confuse or misspell your domain name. The most popular TLD (top level domain) is “.com”, which also makes it the easiest to remember, while “.net” can be seen as the most neutral. However, the best TLD also depends on which country you target, where for example British people expect a country specific domain name ending in “” and Danish people tend to put less trust in a domain which doesn’t end with “.dk”, which also gives a better ranking for a local Google search.

There are also multiple new generic TLDs, such as “.news”, “.law”, “.markets” and “.live”. Domain name availability for some of those can be restricted, and many of the unrestricted are still more expensive than the common “.com”. If this is the first time you venture into the world of domain registration and the creation of an online presence, in general we recommend going for “.com”, “.net” or country specific TLD, which have the advantage that they tend to be easier to remember while often also being cheaper – or in some cases even free with hosting.

If you don’t find the name you want here, you might be lucky enough to find it at a marketplace such as SnapNames or SEDO, where domain names are bought and sold through auctions or at fixed prices. However, those are usually more expensive options, and often enough you can get away with a good name at a fraction of the price if searching a few times here with different options.

Selecting the Right Domain Name: Top Tips
With that basic advice out of the way, it's time to move on to more specific information about choosing the right domain name for your online retail endeavor. Look below to find seven indispensable tips for choosing a spectacular domain name.


Top Tips for choosing the right Domain Name

1. Include Your Brand or Company Name - To be successful in marketing in general, it's critical to develop a strong brand. As a part of those efforts, you should always include your brand or company name in the domain of your site. Down the road, you can always register more generic domains and have them point back to your site. For now, it's crucial to include your company or brand name.

2. Keep it Simple - Nobody enjoys having to type long, complicated URLs into their Internet browsers. With that in mind, you need to make sure to keep the domain name of your online store as short and simple as possible. Striking the right balance isn't always easy. You need to include your brand and company name and make other considerations. At the same time, you need to keep your e-commerce site's domain name short and simple. It may seem difficult, but it can be done.

3. Include Relevant Keywords - If you've already embarked on a search engine optimization strategy, you should already have a list of keywords that relate to your online store. It definitely pays to include at least one or two of them in the domain name of your site. This strategy can dramatically enhance the effects of your SEO strategy, and it makes sense in a general way as well. People need to know, at a glance, what they can expect to find at your store. The easiest way to convey that is by including relevant keywords in your store's domain name.

4. Steer Clear of Numbers and Hyphens - The domain name for your site should glide right off the fingers. If you include hyphens and numbers in your store's domain name, things will be a lot clumsier. It's not easy or intuitive to enter a URL that includes such characters, so avoid them at all costs. Some people think it's okay to include them if the domain they really want is already taken, but that's not true. This kind of move is sure to backfire on you in the long run.

5. Stick with Dot-Com Domains - If the domain that you want for your online store is already taken, you may be tempted to register the same domain with a .net or .org attached instead. This is invariably a bad move to make. There's no question that dot-com domains get the vast majority of search engine love. Without a dot-com at the end, the domain name for your store is going to be a liability instead of an asset. It takes more time to come up with a domain name when your ideal one is taken, but it's still better than using something other than a dot-com.

6. Make it Easy to Remember - Have you ever struggled to remember the domain name of a site that you'd like to visit? If so, the odds are high that you performed a quick online search. If people have to do that to find your store again, there's a good chance that they'll land on a different site. In other words, you could lose a lot of business. That's precisely why it's so important to choose an easy-to-remember domain name. Keeping it short and simple helps, but it should also stand out in a clear and memorable way.

7. Uniqueness is Important - You shouldn't try to ride on the coattails of a popular online store by choosing a domain name that's similar to its own domain name. If someone is looking for the other site but lands on your site, they're bound to feel duped. That's not a good first impression to make to a prospective customer. This is also a sketchy tactic to use in general and is generally considered to be a black-hat strategy. Choose a domain name that makes it clear that your site is totally unique.


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