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  • CPU: Dual Xeon 3.4 GHz
  • Discspace: 80000
  • Hard Drive: RAID 2*80
  • Monthly Transfer: 3000000
  • RAM: 1024

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Information knows how to keep it simple - their site is a fine example of what a web hosting site should look like, but seldom does: it's easy navigated, straightforward and informative. Startlogic stick to the basics when it comes to packaging their offers as well: you can choose from four different all-inclusive plans, depending on your demands.

Their shared web hosting plan must be one of the best buys on the market, with a massive 200 GB of storage and a super bandwidth of 2000 GB for just $5.95/month. They also offer plans for more advanced customers, with virtual servers and dedicated servers. For the dedicated server, you can choose from Linux or Windows, which is great.

If you're planning to put together your site yourself, Startlogic might be the right choice for you; you get plenty of templates to choose from, for the quick set-up. All the other features you expect are also included in the plans, such as e-Commerce solutions, good statistic and e-mail tools, multimedia support and an easy-to-use control panel. Startlogic also promise you a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and give you 30 day Money back guarantee, if you wouldn't be satisfied.

As some of the support services we've encountered were nothing more than answering machines in New Delhi, it's always great to see a company that takes customer service seriously. There's a large knowledgebase/FAQ on their site, for your first queries, and when you really get stuck, you can reach them 24/7/365 by phone or live chat. From our testing, we found the support to be both attentive and proficient.

The company operates from Los Angeles, U.S, and has won a truckload of awards and prizes for their web hosting service since it started. It's quite easy to see why.


United States


Founded: 2003

Support: +1 800 725 8064


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Shon does not recommend StartLogic

paid for domain privacy and I get mail solicitation. I called them and they declined any exposure to my information being compromised. Also, It took 6 months for them to get my web traffic tracking to work. No compensation for that. Just a apology. Lastly, they had to fix a bug where CSS was not loading when the site is loaded without the www. 

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Matt does not recommend StartLogic

Startlogic's consistency of service, reliability of customer service, and payouts for affiliate referrals are all shotty at best. Support provides carbon copy responses that woould seemingly frustrate anyone (especially those technically inclined) - "clear your cookies and cache" is not something anyone who considers them to be a skilled webmaster/pc/network technician wants to hear. Customer serivce can be rude and is few times helpful.

Unfortunately, the interface and platform startlogic has setup is incredibly easy to use for beginners, unfortunately that benefit is destroyed by a lack of decent service behind the control panel. I would highly recommend you look past the $3.95/mo "worm" and find something better. I unfortunately have... Read more

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Heather does not recommend StartLogic

Hello! I have used StartLogic for the last year and a half. I'd have you go look at my website right now, but you wouldn't be able to see it. As of yesterday I've not been able to upload any pages to my site with FTP. So for now the main page of my site is blank... just one big white page. I got one email back saying th e issue had been fixed, but sadly, it had not. At least when I called again tonight, the gal that read the email log could see that the issue had not been corrected, and reopened my ticket. Additionally, over the past... Read more

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Tudor does not recommend StartLogic

My website was hacked several times and their response was "not sure" or "it doesn't appear that". E-mail pop account is terrible - I use Mail from OS X Mac and it constantly has trouble connecting to my pop account. Navigating as a web builder is also unpleasant as the website is clunky and the FAQ is poor. I recommend going somewhere else... 

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