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  • Discspace: 500
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Hivelocity Hosting Overview

Hivelocity Hosting

Hivelocity Hosting

If you need VPS, Cloud or Dedicated server hosting, you can get an instant setup or Hivelocity can help you customize, and their excellent support team is always available to help along the way. With a number of ready options to choose from for... Read full expert review of Hivelocity Hosting

We like

  • Supports more operating systems than the competiti
  • Partnered with many control panels
  • Impressive support team
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Recommended By: 9 of 9 users
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I don't know how long I have been hosting my dedicated servers with HiVelocity. They are really good! They have great prices, their network is pretty fast, their support most of times is awseome.

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Reviewed by: Janio Sarmento (Beginner)




Hivelocity is a qualitative web hosting provider that mainly is providing plans for medium sized to major online businesses. The solutions are strong, reliable and can handle a lot of traffic without slowing down or crashing. Having been in the industry since 2001 they’ve been able to build a lot of useful experience.

This web host has all of the more advanced hosting plans, such as virtual private servers, cloud computing and dedicated servers. The plans are affordable and contain all the features you need to setup and manage a professional website.

A big plus with Hivelocity is their support.  The support team is available via ticket, email, phone and live chat 24/7. Begin with having a look at their knowledgebase and check out the training videos as you can find solutions to pretty much everything here.



United States


Founded: 2001

Support: 888-869-HOST


What Does the Expert Say About Hivelocity Hosting?

Hivelocity Hosting

Great support and excellent uptime statistics are a couple of the main selling points at Hivelocity. They focus on dedicated servers, but also have reseller accounts, colocation, and private cloud and can also help with setting up custom solutions – and have done so for customers in over 130 countries. They have a few preconfigured servers which can be set up in seven minutes, but you can also opt for custom built systems for your exact needs, which they say take four hours. For this review, we tested with a preconfigured E3-1230 3.3 GHz server, signed up for three months, getting one month free and asked their support for various customizations down the road – although we’ve used their services a few times before, meaning we have some experience with the Hivelocity services.

Value for Money

From step one, when setting up a new server, you notice how much help you can get from tech support at Hivelocity, whether you go for a custom solution or use one for their seven minute setups. Combined with the 100% uptime, the latest technology, you get quite a lot for the plan fees.

Performance & Reliability

During our testing period we had 100% uptime, and from statistics we can see that this has been the case most of the time since Hivelocity started. As you might have noticed from reviews across the web, we are not alone in noticing their uptime, performance and security.


We asked the support team quite a few advanced questions, and even had a discussion with them about which solution would suit our needs the best, and found that both tech support and customer service teams passed with flying colors. A note here is of course that a managed plan will get you more support for the lifetime of your subscription, but even with an unmanaged solution we found Hivelocity very helpful – even with an unmanaged solution the tech guys helped us migrate from another host. If you contact them before deciding on a web hosting solution, you’ll probably notice they treat everyone as an individual, and understand your specific needs.

Ease of use

As mentioned before, the control panel options you have at Hivelocity makes it easy to change and add almost any settings you could wish for. Although it can be difficult to get an overview with all the options, the support team is always available and ready to help – very much helping to simplify the experience, whether you’re setting up a server for the first time or have done it a hundred times before.

We like

  • Great flexibility and speed when setting up a new server
  • Impressive support team, both in speed and knowledge
  • All advanced hosting plan types – VPS, Cloud and Dedicated

Important to know

It can be a daunting task when having so many options to choose from – don’t be afraid to contact the Hivelocity support team with any questions about which setup could be most suitable for your needs. As usual, we recommend looking at terms & conditions before signing up, but at least with Hivelocity it’s pretty straightforward without anything in the fine print to put us off.


If you need VPS, Cloud or Dedicated server hosting, you can get an instant setup or Hivelocity can help you customize, and their excellent support team is always available to help along the way. With a number of ready options to choose from for seven minutes setup, and quite a few ways to customize for any conceivable needs, you can’t go wrong with these guys. Combined with their affordable pricing we’ve find that the Hivelocity services is top notch.

Hivelocity Hosting

Name: Kimberly Dovander

Experience: 13

Located:San Francisco

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Muhammad Faisal recommends Hivelocity Hosting

These guys are really good in support and dedicated server. I am getting their services for reselling and everything is going great so far. I haven't seen any downtime with my server. Initially when I was transferring my website I talked with their impressive support which was really impressive. I must recommend them to other resellers and users who want reliable services at affordable prices. 

Muhammad Faisal Gravatar


Hosting Solutions: 3

Hosting Type: Dedicated

Iain Kidd recommends Hivelocity Hosting

Our site supplies software products for clients' websites, so it is vital that it runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, our previous host, while not terrible, didn't really have any interest in creating a set up tailored precisely to our needs.

With Hivelocity we had one of the Tech guys take the time to go over the different options and recommendations based on our exact usage. As a result our server load is about 25% of what it was under our previous provider - without a big change in the level/cost of the hardware in the server.

Any time we have had any questions they have been answered more or less... Read more

Iain Kidd Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

G Sammoons recommends Hivelocity Hosting

Hi Velocity Hosting truly does have 'Impressive Support', and I cannot say enough good things about the support personnel with whom I have had infrequent interaction—"infrequent" because my leased, dedicated server has had 100% up-time since I started leasing from Hi Velocity years ago.

In particular, I would like to mention Gary Hendricks whom is always ready with an answer, or solution, and a cheery demeanor, to boot.

Additionally, when you can speak with the owner of a company, like Steve Eschweiler, who sincerely cares about your hosting experience and the tools with which you may be provided to manage your hosting package, you know you are doing business with a company... Read more

G Sammoons Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

Miguel Castellanos recommends Hivelocity Hosting

I am very grateful with HiVelocity, thanks to them I could start my own company using their reseller plans.

Now I run my own very successful business.

I have more than 40 servers with them, and they work with almost no failure for 24 hours a day.

Miguel Castellanos. 

Miguel Castellanos Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

Pablo Varela recommends Hivelocity Hosting

Believe me I went through a lot of hosting companies until I found HiVelocity. I even had 8 servers in a Rack at Level 3 facilities in California (after Katrina hit New Orleans and my servers were gone, in ComTech datacenter), so you can figure out I went through a lot of hosting and collocation services. For the record, the service at Comtech was great (collocation only) and Katrina wasnt their fault, freaking hurricane busted me too. The collocation service was also great at Level 3, but it was really pricy.

About HiVelocity, I’ve been their customer for about 5 years now, and I never had a problem with them... Read more

Pablo Varela Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

Jay Agrawal recommends Hivelocity Hosting

We at have been with Hivelocity for 3 years now. We were instantly drawn to Hivelocity because of their low rates on very powerful dedicated hosting packages. We had done price comparisons with other hosts and Hivelocity came out as the best value for money.

Signing up with Hivelocity was easy and we were up and running within 3 hours. The support staff was very helpful and went out of their way to help us get set up correctly without any issues. They even went thru our scripts to custom configure the server for us.

For the last 3 years we have... Read more

Jay Agrawal Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

Ahmed recommends Hivelocity Hosting

This compnay is the best one I ever dealt with honestly, great in every possible way.

- Uptime is 100 % and even when they need to go offline for just 10 minutes to fix some issues they send an email 48 hrs before it

- Great prices

- 24/7 Online support foranything you want

- I would reccomend this to be your 1st choice for any business you would like big or small it was. 

Reply from Arvand Sabetian, CEO , Arvixe: We're quite sorry to hear that. I do suggest that you put in a ticket as soon as it happens and then give us a call right away so we can look into the issue.

Ahmed Gravatar


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Janio Sarmento recommends Hivelocity Hosting

I don't know how long I have been hosting my dedicated servers with HiVelocity. They are really good! They have great prices, their network is pretty fast, their support most of times is awseome.

Of course I had some issues in the past, mainly because they did not provide remote boot port for all of my servers. However, I always have specific needs that exceed their common offers, but they always were ready to make an exception in order to keep me satisfied.

I surely recommend HiVelocity, and if you have the luck to be one of Rob Wright's customers (he is the best account manager I ever met), you will surely... Read more

Janio Sarmento Gravatar


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Hosting Type: Unknown

Angel Iraola recommends Hivelocity Hosting

What a great company!

I have my servers with Hivelocity. I am so happy with the quality of the services and the people behind this company.

Thank you Hivelocity for make my life more simple! 

Angel Iraola Gravatar


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Dual Quad - Hexa Plan Features

Control Panel
  • cPanel
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
Backend Control
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Managed Server
  • Linux
  • Windows
Scripts and Programming
  • ASP
  • PHP