Web Hosting Databases - How to Use Databases!

When a simple web hotel only can offer the space, database management systems are more dynamic and leave its data open for authorized user or program to retrieve. So if you are thinking of launching a blog, community or other user based website make sure to include database management in your web hosting plan. Installing is easy and the technical issues are often managed by the web host.


A place to store data might seem like a problem solved by getting a web hosting plan that includes storage space. And for a strictly informational website it is enough to store files on a server. But for more interactive websites like content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla simple storage space is not enough. The data that is in these systems like user profiles and article archives demands databases to store its information. When ever, let's say, a user logs in to the member area of a website and edits or removes his/her user profile that information is retrieved, changed, sent back and stored in a database. If a visitor searches for a blog article that has been archived this query is sent to a database that holds the stored article telling the database to send the article back.

Database Web Hosting

Realizing databases are needed by most website owners not to mention all installable scripts most web hosts offer the possibility to create and manage databases. Occasionally an additional fee is required in order to activate this web host function. The name of the database is then created and implemented into the code of the web page that is going to fetch data from the database. It can either be done automatically or by the web page visitor. Tutorials are normally available to take you through the process and even though it might seem a bit tricky a database will open many doors of possibilities for your website.

Most database management systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL uses a special language when transferring and storing data. The language is called SQL, Structured Query Language

Which Database to Choose

As the demand of databases are stronger than ever it would be ridicules to even think that there would only be one data base management system or software offering it's services. No, there's plenty to choose between. We have listed the most relevant:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL
Written 2008-02-22 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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