The Importance of a Good Logo

When people decide where to spend their money and time, they judge websites based on a number of criteria. Is it easy to navigate? Is the writing clear and precise? Most importantly, does it appear professional?

A good logo is of the utmost importance to a startup online business. People judge a website's professionalism on the first impression they get from it. Our eyes gravitate toward pictures before they notice words. Generally, the first picture a viewer will see on your website is the logo. As they explore your site, they will continually be confronted with that image. You want to make sure that it shows good design sense, looks polished and professional, and accurately represents your brand.

Visual Branding

Visual Branding

Visual branding is even more important for an online business than for an offline business, because your customers are deciding whether to give you money based solely on images on a screen. A brand is the difference between a personal site and a business site. Your brand is what holds your site together in the eyes of your visitors. A good logo is the seed of a successful brand. You want your customers to think of the name of your business, and instantly have the logo's image pop into their minds. You want that process to be pleasant for them, to encourage them to visit your site and buy your goods.

Furthermore, a well-composed logo is the heart of your online business' colors, language, shapes and personality. If the logo is "elegant," then every other aspect of your site will share that elegance. If it is "cute and girly," then your site will use cute words, full curves, and maybe lots of pink, depending on the logo's color scheme.

Freelance Logo Design Websites

As a startup business owner, you are effectively the development, marketing, sales, and accounting department all in one. You may not have the money to hire a full-time visual advertiser, nor may you have the training to produce a polished logo yourself. That's why sites like these exist. They are designed to put business owners in touch with professional logo designers.

Logo My Way

Logo My Way

Logo My Way takes a unique approach to freelance logo design. Business owners submit a request for a logo to the community of thousands of professional designers. Through the site, the request is turned into a "contest," with the cash prize being whatever the business owner is willing to pay. Designers submit numerous logos until the deadline, when the owner looks through and chooses the best logo. He or she only has to pay the winning designer. Commissions generally range from $200 to $1000, and it ensures that business owners get the best possible logo for their website.

99 Designs

99 Designs

99 Designs is the original logo marketplace, upon which sites like Logo My Way, Hatchwise, and were modeled. With over 75,000 designers signed up, you're sure to receive plenty of offers when you put your logo contest up. 99 Designs is a little more business-friendly in that it doesn't require business owners to choose a logo if none of the designs are up to par. This can save a little money, but can also put off designers and prevent them from putting their hearts into their work. Depending on your budget and your concerns, 99 Designs is a little safer for business owners, but connects them less with their logo designers.
Time to set up your website

So we've just talked about the importance of keeping a professional appearance on the web. No matter how beautiful your logo is, or how much good content you have on the site it won't do you any good if you don't also partner up with a professional host. Unfortunately many sign up for a hosting plan that sounds good on paper but then proves to give you nothing but trouble. Our editors have been reviewing providers for years and what qualifies as a good host. This is their top three when it comes to stability, features and value for money.

Do you have any questions regarding logos? Please don't hesitate to us an email: editor(a)

Written 2010-09-03 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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