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When purchasing a domain name you'll have to make your way through a jungle of registrars. Since there are hundreds of registrars on the market it can sometimes be a tad confusing. Obviously there will be those that are better than others - but how does one know what registrars that are the best? Well, there a few things one should take a look at; such as price, reputation, support and the services that's being offered. We have done exactly this and compiled a list of what we believe to be the ten best registrars on the market today. So, without any further ado; here are the crème de la crème - perhaps needless to say but we will of course only list ICANN accredited registrars.

eNom keeps on getting voted the top registrar in the industry and it's not for nothing that it's constantly awarded. They have an excellent reputation and this has perhaps something to do with the fact that their security is market leading and that they're offering a ton of services for free. What about for example free domain name control panel, page parking, DNS Services and Web Site Creator. This is a strong registrar that we can recommend to anyone looking to buy a domain name.

When visiting the Network Solutions Site for the very first time you might experience it as a bit cluttered. However, in contrast to first impressions is it a very user-friendly site that only offers top quality to its clients. One big advantage with Network Solutions is that they present packages with for example domain name, web hosting and web design which means that you'll be able to get all of your web solutions at one place.

The web site for sure ain't the flashiest and it can be improved in some ways but they still deliver what they're promising. Having been in the industry since 2003 they've built up quite the experience and their reputation is top-notch. If you have any queries it's easy to get in contact with them through an online form and thanks to a good response time you won't have to sit around waiting for long to get an answer. Uncomplicated and unflashy can sometimes be a good thing.

GoDaddy is the most popular registrar in the world and we can agree to it being very cheap and packed with great services. However, one thing that we really don't like about GoDaddy is that they don't offer actual invoices to their clients and that it has a so and so reputation (a flawless reputation is perhaps impossible for any major registrar). If you're in no need of an actual invoice, then GoDaddy is a good alternative. Have a look at their extensive library of domain names.

This is a very easy to use registrar - simply enter the domain name you want and you'll be able to see if it's up for grabs or not. Pricing is good but the list of domains to choose from isn't as big as with the major players. Partnering up with a smaller registrar can however be a good thing when it comes to support and services. We like this registrar and as it is growing very fast we are sure that we will see some great things from them in the nearby future.

1&1 is mainly directed to the market in the United Kingdom but they also offer .com TLD's and other. We are very interested in the British market and what can be done there and if you are as well it might be a good idea to check this registrar out. The Tld's, and are offered for free for more than 1 year and then it'll only cost you £2.99 a year.

This is Australia's largest domain name registrar and even though they might seem to be especially focused on Australian domains you'll also be able to get the .com's and .net's. If you're an individual or small to medium sized business, then Melbourne IT is a very good alternative. Support is of course available 24/7 and if you're having trouble coming up with a domain name matching your needs they can help you.

This is another great company that offers web hosting (with a 100% uptime guarantee) as well as domain names. If you don't exactly know what services you should get you can always talk to their consultants and the support team is available 24/7 via chat, e-mail or phone. One feature that we like is the "help me find a name" feature. Fill out a very short form and they'll provide you with a list of available domain names that they think you might like. The suggested names might not always be ace but they can at least serve as inspiration.

Moniker is a quickly growing registrar that keeps on building up a top reputation. When you've registered a domain name with them you'll be able to take part of services such as URL and Email forwarding as well as domain parking services. They also know the importance security. If you want some extra protection to your domain assets you can order their Domain Max Lock, which will increase the security immensely.



A basic registrar helping you out with do's and dont's when it come it comes to domains as well as being a very serious and dedicated registrar. With 3 million domain name holdings aren't they the largest company on the market but it still shouldn't be any trouble finding a name you like. Great domain tools such as domain sync, DNS management and Transfer Lock, preventing unauthorized transfers of your domain.

Written 2008-12-18 (Updated 2016-10-10)

Chad Bean

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Robert D.,  19 January, 2012 should not be on your list. They poisoned their customers zones on 1-11-2012 and did not mention it on the support site, support announcements on the phone or make any apology or explanation to customers.

I did finally get through to support, their explanation was vague at best. They claimed that there is a default MX host for undefined domains. Then why did poison all customer domains that had existing MX records with a bogus MX record and gave it preference over all of our mail hosts? If they had just gone down, we would have been fine, but with the bogus record ( ), our customers and business partners got rejected instead of simply delayed.

Sometimes things happen but there is NO excuse for taking everyone down all day when it can be avoided with a little smarts. The look like a big outfit but behave like a mom&pop operation. I moved all domains and canceled our hosting last night. Fool me once!

santiago ronquillo,  28 June, 2010

who is the best domain registrars faq knowledge base online? if it freak some ones image if you transfer for park your domains and don't have idea why you can't resolve your problems reading faq knowledge bases again etc...

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