How to start a Blog

Web blogging on the internet first started in the mid 1990s. The term "web log" was commonly used for a server's log file and later for online personal journaling. The word "blog" was then adopted to refer to personal journaling. Today a blog is defined as an online publication where an author puts his or her personal thoughts and opinions from the most intimate to corporate ideas, concerns or events, in chronological order on the net.

Different kind of blogs

There are as many kinds of blogs on line, but they can broadly be divided into three types; Personal Bloggers, Organizational Bloggers and business Bloggers.

Organizational blogs are meant to assist communications between its internal and external audiences. It may also provide information for the external publics' use. Business blogs promote products or services for profit. Besides increasing awareness about the company, they also establish themselves as an authority with customers, vendors, through publications that display their know-how and skill in the market.

Introduction to Blogging

What are the kinds of contents that readers can find in a blog that's for distribution? The authors' opinions, ideas, knowledge in his/her field of work, resumes, and home recipes, pictures, streaming audio or video clips, e-books, poetry, works, products, consultations and services.

Why have blogs become very popular?

Very often websites are not updated regularly, while blogs have instant publishing tools which allow the author to regularly update & introduce new content. Websites are usually impersonal, while blogs allow the readers to leave their comments and feedback, to hold two-way conversations with the author, who usually does the publishing and can immediately respond to the readers. Blogs are also very efficient, cheap to use and can quickly distribute information. The blogs' abilities to reach and instantly react to a growing mass of audience have made businesses use these as a strategic marketing tool.

Install your blog with web hosting

Like we mention above there are more than enought blog communities in which you can get a blog for free with customized design templates and other benefits. But if you want to install a blog directly on you domain with your own domain name instead of ending up with a subdomain. Many regular web hosts have pre-installable blog scripts available on the client control panel, not just specific blog hosts. This means you can get your own blog by simpley clicking a button. The script function will handle the rest by asking how you want the designs and other preferences.

Written 2007-12-12 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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