How Private Domain Registration Works!

Thousands of people become proud owners of new domains every day. What most don't realize is the invasion of privacy this happy moment often brings. When ICANN requires personal information from the domain registrant you would expect some secrecy. But no, it is all open to access by anyone, to spam, to abuse. But there is safer ways to register a domain. And we know where you can make a private domain registration.

Private Domain Registration

When you register a domain name you are required to give out your personal information such as address, full name, phone number and email. This is a must according to ICANN (Internet Corporation of name s and numbers) that are controlling and indexing all domains on the Internet. The information that is demanded from the new domain owner is then completely exposed for anybody to access and abuse. And there's a strong demand on personal information for spamming use and fraud scams. Private domain registrations have become the savior for many badly informed domain consumers.

A secure and privacy protected Internet

As the demand of a more secure and safe Internet is getting stronger and stronger private domain registration is a clear example of a change that needs to be made. Furthermore this has to become a much more common service offered by web hosting businesses and domain resellers. One domain management business, Go Daddy, has really taken this task to heart not only offering private domain registration through Domains By Proxy but also to domain service resellers with Wild West Domains. Since anybody can become a Wild West reseller Go Daddy has made sure that private domain registration is offered through thousands of other reselling domain sites, all over the World Wide Web.

Wild West Domain resellers offer Private Domain Registration

In January of 2008 Wild West came out with the new Protected Registration package for its resellers to promote and sell. It was what so many had been waiting for. Privacy put first! For only $24 customers can register domains protecting their privacy. Instead of customers filling in their own, reseller will put their personal information. The purchaser of the domain still keeps the ownerships, control and benefits but avoids being spammed or scammed. ICANN just gets the resellers information and the customer gets to keep his!


Domains By Proxy - The Best Private Domains Registrar!


A concern of many Internet users is the lack of privacy. Just a couple of years ago online online credit card purchases were not considered secure enough. After struggling for years it is today safe to say that Internet is a safer place. Our privacy is protected. Or is it? Well, mostly it is and especially when it comes to online shopping. But when it comes to personal information there is still a far way to go. Spam, scams and viruses feeds on sources of personal information. In this article we will expose one of them; the WHOIS database!


Personal Info Exposed in WHOIS data base

The beauty of the Web is that it is open 24/7 and accessible to anybody with a connection. One of the opportunities many can't resist is to start your own website. And so they should. But as thousands of new domains are launched every week there is a vital part of information that often is overlooked. Most web hosts that offer domain registration do not inform the registrants about various hazards when leaving their personal information. If they do it is often in small writing to avoid the customer's attention. And as the domain is registered personal information is required, not by the domain registrar, but by ICANN (the Internet Corporation Assigned for Names and Numbers). That personal information is later made official in ICANN's Who Is?- data base! Most people are unaware of this fact and so we would like to present an alternative to regular domain registration.

Private Domain Registration

As a reaction to this exposure of personal information private domain registration has become vastly popular. Instead of demanding info from their customers web hosts with private domain registration puts their own. That way it is the web host that is exposed in the data base, not the customer.

Domains By Proxy

Private domain registration is a great service for domain owners to consider and web hosts resellers to promote. One of the leading companies on this fresh and expanding market is Domains By Proxy. Similar to a web host, this business will take care of your safe registration, making sure your personal information is not exposed. You can find Domains By Proxy's services offered by web host, web host reseller program business Wild West Domains and Blue Razor Domains.

Written 2008-02-05 (Updated 2016-10-10)

Chad Bean

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Peter,  23 June, 2010


Could anyone recommend Wild West Domains when they Steal from their Reseller's Customers?

See the site content is not about Solar but How Wild West Domains / Go Daddy Group harvest domains from Reseller Accounts.

It could happen to your customers if you (Reseller) ever get ill and have to go to hospital.

Andy Bush,  6 April, 2009

One recommendation is to always go for offshore private domain registration since US based registrars often give your details off to 3d parties. I used

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