Domain Registrars Vs. Web Hosts!

Up until the late 90s domain registration was limited to one online source, NSI. Controlling and selling TLD's like .com, .org and .net NSI had monopoly over the domain registrar market for a long time. But as more and more commercial standalone domain registration companies emerged SRS, Shared Registration System, was a fact.

Domain Registration

As the market has been opened there are hundreds of ICANN accredited domain registrars online. The essence of these businesses is the main service they offer; domain registration. By sticking to this service only or including all inclusive packages domain registrars can be categorized as either solely domain registrars or web hosts. Which one to use depends on how much the customer knows about DNS and his intentions.

Domain registration is often included in a web hosting package. On the quest of creating a website people find themselves in need of the following. A domain name and storage space. That's why most web hosts offer both. In this process the web host customer can search for available domain names directly on the web hosting site. The domain and web hotel is then automatically set up and ready to go within a day or two. The customer need no prior knowledge and can focus on building a good website.

100 % dedicated to domains

For the more advanced user a 100 % dedicated domain registrar might be a good idea. With more emphasis on domain registration and maintenance customers can separate their storage space services from the domains. This can be a good idea if the ambition is to build a big domain portfolio which most domain registrar are fully equipped and built for.


Separating space and name is not for the newbie but can be done manually and quite easily by redirecting your domains to content hosted servers. This service is offered by web hosts as well as domain registrars but requires some know-how to execute. Since redirecting of domains is so common, customer service gladly assist their customers.

Domain registrars or Web hosts?

Domain registrars can often offer lower prices for their domains and using different services for domain name registration and server space acquirement can be a good idea. But if you're looking for a easy-to-handle option and don't want to spend more time on the content of your website there are many web hosts that offer easy TDL registration. If your focus is on getting many domains at a low price and need a platform to do it domain registrar businesses are perfect.

Written 2008-02-11 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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