The 75 Best Photography WordPress Themes in 2012

Pinterest is a relatively new social network that is built on the premise of sharing images and building common groups around images. Pinterest is known as a “photoblogging" site. With the growth of Pinterest and photoblogging within the last year, many people are now searching for ways to share photographs and images through their own websites. Many professionals, including photographers, are choosing WordPress platform for creating their professional websites. WordPress presents site owners with a platform for sharing their content with users and allowing users to photoblog, or provide feedback by way of comments on their content. Several WordPress themes have become available specifically for displaying photography and many famous artists and photographers now showcase their work using a WordPress site.

The 75 best 2012 WordPress themes for displaying photographs are:

1.) Lightbox by Photocrati


Photocrati is a company that is known for creating WordPress themes specifically for photographers. Photocrati sells their WordPress themes in a package of 60 themes that are each highly customizable. The most versatile and simplistic of Photocrati WordPress themes for photographers is the Lightbox theme, one of the 60 themes provided in the package. Lightbox provides a very clean, minimal design that effectively showcases the artist’s work.

2.) Landscape by StudioPress


StudioPress is another major player that produces remarkable WordPress themes for photographers. Landscape is one of the most popular themes designed specifically for photographers by StudioPress. Landscape showcases the work of the artist while maintaining the functionality and ease of organization of a WordPress site.

3.) Folio Elements by Press75


Folio Elements is offered by Press75, a professional firm that creates WordPress themes for a variety of uses. Folio Elements displays three photos or art works on the home page and the theme is quick to deploy, requiring only 30 minutes of setup and configuration time.

4.) Hoon by Press75


Hoon is one of the most elegant themes produced by Press75. Specifically designed to showcase images and videos, this interesting theme is built in HTML5 and is responsive. Responsive themes enable the site to be viewed without degradation on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

5.) Pixel Happy by StudioPress

Pixel Happy

Pixel Happy by StudioPress is a lighthearted, breezy design that shows artwork in a slideshow format on the home page.

6.) Elastik by WPZoom


Elastik is a unique design for artists to display images, as well as videos, together on the home page.

7.) Gallery by WPZoom


Gallery by WPZoom is a great way to display photos along with text on the home page. Designed for photobloggin, Gallery provides multiple color schemes and is highly customizable.

8.) Photonote by WPZoom


Photonote is designed to showcase both images and videos. Photonote is unique and highly customizable.

9.) FStop by Photocrati


Designed with a minimal top navigation bar and front page photo display, as well as photoblogging, the FStop theme by Photocrati provides great WordPress organization and management with the ease of front page configuration. Each post may contain up to six photos.

10.) Attache by Press75


The Attache theme may be used for sites other than photographic sites, but this theme is ideal for photographers who would like to show combinations of artwork on the home page. The design supports a main home page image, with three smaller images to supplement the page.

11.) Viewed by Press75


The Viewed theme by Press75 is an interesting design that displays photos in full screen, without borders, on the home page. Viewed is responsive, which means template enables the site to be viewed with design integrity from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

12.) Blocco by Press75


Blocco is a unique Press75 theme that displays a three-square by three-square block on the home page. Each block may be filled with a photo or even with a blog post. This design is also a responsive theme.

13.) Professional by WPZoom


The Professional theme combines many of the elements of a gallery site and blogging site. For those who would like to display their latest content along with their work product, the Professional theme does the job.

14.) Buro by Woo Themes


Buro is a very professional, beautifully designed theme that is built on responsive HTML5.

15.) PhotoLand by WPZoom


Photoland is a very minimalistic theme that displays a full screen feature and several thumbnails of work product on the home page. The full screen display includes a gallery slide to quickly move though the photo gallery.

16.) Bokeh by Photorati


Fresh, minimal design created by the leaders at Photorati.

17.) EGallery by Elegant Themes


EGallery provides a total of 76 themes in one package. EGallery includes localization and translation without the need for editing code pages.

18.) Carousel by OBox


Completely widgetized home page to easily drop in content. Information boxes to show details and price.

19.) Press by Obox


Great theme for photojournalists with all the bells and whistles of a photoblogging site.

20.) PhotoRific hosted by ThemeForest


Unique photo borders with floating menus and full screen slideshow. Widgets integrate with Flickr.

21.) Hero by ThemeTrust


Minimal, clean design. Responsive with a parallax home page banner to display a landing page message in a unique way.

22.) HQ Photo hosted by ThemeForest

HQ Photo

Fully responsive design coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Home page has a very unique look with a solid border extending down the left side of screen.

23.) Preface hosted by ThemeForest


Interesting possibilities including a photo montage for the home page. Responsive design.

24.) Uber by ThemeTrust


Uber is a simple and professional responsive theme. Includes a filtered portfolio section.

25.) Work by ThemeTrust


Beautiful way to display one large photo with three smaller images on the home page. Very minimalist format for showing multiple photos.

26.) JPhotolio hosted by ThemeForest


Though sold as a wedding photo album display, this theme has a responsive design and is AJAX-enabled. Great for displaying photo portfolio of any type.

27.) Filtered by ThemeTrust


Filtered is a very simple, yet very cool theme for photographers. Surprising jQuery effects engage visitors.

28.) Core hosted by ThemeForest


Core provides three home page designs and each are very unique in displaying a group of photos. Includes Image Flow slideshow and responsive design.

29.) Synergy hosted by ThemeForest


Interactive and responsive. Display photos in blocks of nine on the home page.

30.) Brick + Mason hosted by ThemeForest

Brick Mason

Display home page photos in a grid format. Infinite scrolling right from the home page to keep users engaged.

31.) Kin hosted by ThemeForest


Two skins, social media sharing and iPad gesture support. Clean home page showcasing two photographs.

32.) DeepFocus by Elegant Themes

Deep Focus

Full screen photo display with gallery advance. Inconspicuous top navigation bar.

33.) Photobox by Themify


Customizable home page widgets that are very low profile to minimize the look of clutter. Select from 2, 3 or 4 column design.

34.) Fullscreen by Themify


Responsive full screen design floats home page message over the featured photo.

35.) Sideways hosted by ThemeForest


Use grid or horizontal display on the home page. Full screen backgrounds and PrettyPhoto Lightbox gallery.

36.) Delucide by ThemeShift


Elegant and sleek gray-scale design. Great for black and white photos.

37.) Simfo by Themify


Minimalist responsive theme with a touch of grunge. Displays one large slideshow and six smaller photos on home page.

38.) PhotoTouch by Themify

Photo Touch

Responsive design for mobile devices. Mimics the iPhone Photos app.

39.) Manhattan by StudioPress


Featured images on home page with six layout options.

40.) L’Image by Viva Themes


Display 15 feature photos on the home page or use the full screen template option. Auto-generates post thumbnails.

41.) Slide by Themify


Presents slideshow in full screen mode. Responsive and implements AJAX so all photos may be viewed in the lightbox without refreshing the page.

42.) Hydrogen by Viva Themes


Flexible and clean with 3D home page slider. Installs gallery slider in each portfolio entry.

43.) Play by Natty WP Themes


Drop widgets into the sidebar. Social network widget enables display of social media feeds.

44.) Photography by The Theme Foundry


Clean design that “gets out of the way” of the work product. Responsive with no Flash required. Multilevel navigation menu.

45.) Funki by Themify


Responsive design with photoblogging in mind. Artistic layout that may be configured for 2, 3 or 4 column home page.

46.) Concept by Viva Themes


Home page includes three widget locations with one that floats over featured image. Custom multilevel menu feature.

47.) Through the Lens by Obox

Through the lens

Use the CSS or Flash gallery to display work product on home page. Integrated voting system enables users to vote on photos.

48.) Revival by Viva Themes


Easy navigation strategy. Custom menus and background. Blog pagination feature.

49.) BlogFolio by Themify


Gives maximum display of photos on home page. Feature box for artwork or posts on home page.

50.) Photonic by Natty WP Themes


Customize the color of each element within the theme. Includes six variations.

51.) Collage by Viva Themes


Innovative vertical grid slider displays eight images on the home page. User moves the slider to view the next eight.

52.) DeFolio by Theme Shift


Custom portfolio post types. Localized and translated into German, English and Spanish.

53.) Photo Nexus hosted by ThemeForest

Photo Nexus

Two color variations: Light and Dark. Minimal design keeps users focus on the work product.

54.) Lodos by Viva Themes


Very cool shadowed “3D” image display on home page. Created for designers and photographers. Advanced photo gallery management.

55.) PhotoPurePress hosted by ThemeForest

Photo Pure Press

Video support in image gallery. 10 custom backgrounds and color editor.

56.) TotalGRID by Rich WP


Display a grid of thumbnails on the home page. Highly customizable with Point & Click Editor for customized design.

57.) Soho by Viva Themes


Full screen display with floating menu and Flash video background.

58.) Gallerific hosted by ThemeForest


Beautiful theme that integrates with Flickr. PSDs included for customized design. Four custom widgets. Provided with extensive documentation.

59.) GridFolio WP hosted by ThemeForest


Single page design. Includes portfolio sliders. Lightbox ready. Translation ready.

60.) Vision hosted by ThemeForest


Lots of training materials. Excellent theme for beginners. Five skins with layered PSDs included.

61.) ArtCouture by Viva Themes


Fresh and minimal design. Auto-generates post thumbnails and includes custom background panel.

62.) Modern Business 3 Dark hosted by ThemeForest

Modern Business

Beautiful dark portfolio display with splash of color on the home page. Includes 12 color variations.

63.) PureVision by iDesign My Website

Pure Vision

Highly customizable. Over 500 fonts included. Chose color from hundreds of options.

64.) Colorwave hosted by ThemeForest


Fourteen template colors and seven custom widgets. Three highlight sliders. Ultra sleek design.

65.) Crescendo by Viva Themes


Clean with custom background panel. Enables featured images in posts. Multi-level custom dropdown menus. Inlcudes full width template option.

66.) Dandelion hosted on ThemeForest


Unlimited skins. Three custom jQuery sliders. Lots of documentation. Layered PSDs included.

67.) Dynamix hosted by ThemeForest


Accordion animation for featured home page photo. Multiple galleries are enabled for each page.

68.) Portfolio by The Theme Foundry


Responsive and optimized to display photographic works. Easy organization of portfolio pages.

69.) Duotone by WordPress


Duotone is available from This simple yet dynamic theme is extremely popular with photographers.

70.) Method by Viva Themes


Display static home page or latest post on landing page. Includes five built-in color schemes. Home page slider with various effects.

71.) Galleria by DaThemes


Interactive and fun. Great for a photoblogging site.

72.) Deposito by Theme Shift


Elegant and responsive theme based on Frameshift.

73.) Kimbo by Viva Themes


Lightweight and fast loading. Floats thumbnails on top of home page featured photo. . Includes a category template for portfolio.

74.) Avid by The Theme Foundry


Retina display optimized for creative work display. Responsive layout.

75.) Space + Color by Viva Themes

Space Color

Beautiful display of featured images on home page. Advanced theme options. Unique, crisp design.

By scouring many Top Themes for Photographers and Favorites lists, this comprehensive list of photoblogging themes for the WordPress platform was compiled.Using any of the WordPress themes above, the photographer may quickly and easily deploy a portfolio and photoblogging site all in one on the WordPress platform. The themes listed are available free or for a very low price.

Written 2012-10-11 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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David,  23 October, 2012

Hi "fotograf". Yes, you can use the above themes for your photography site and transferring an existing website to WordPress shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck!


fotograf,  11 October, 2012

I love your websites. I have a photography web site in Denmark, can I use these sites for that ? Is it easy to change from wordpress?

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