The 50 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes from 2013 - 2015

As WordPress has grown in size and scope, it has increasingly been used to manage ecommerce websites as well as traditional blogs and news websites. To get the job done, developers have created a number of intuitive ecommerce themes that blend content management with easy commerce features, WordPress plugins, and mobile-friendly responsive design. In particular, fifty of those themes stand out as some of the best for developers to get online with their customers quickly.

1. Camp ($55)


Camp is a responsive theme that will automatically adapt to any smartphone, tablet, or desktop operating environment. It brings commerce to users of virtually any device, and does so with an elegant and understated design that emphasizes smooth jQuery effects and robust imagery.

2. Mercor ($55)


Mercor takes its design cues from Microsoft's "Metro" user interface, and pulls its ecommerce features from the WooCommerce plugin. Large, colorful tiles are complimented by a large slider and plenty of images throughout the site, giving it a great look and feel throughout the sales process.

3. Cherry ($55)


This younger-looking theme combines the best features of an ecommerce website with blogging features and even a photo gallery, contributing to a well-rounded experience for all content. No plugin is specifically included, meaning this theme can use any WordPress ecommerce extension.

4. Terserah ($49)


Developed by the legendary Tokokoo firm, the Teserah theme is designed to impress with large images and a prominent slider. The theme is designed for use with WooCommerce, and features a number of social features that encourage sales and interactivity.

5. Rustik ($39)


Rustik is a bit rough around the edges, but that's by design. This youthful, graphics-heavy design has just the right combination of commerce and whitespace to close the sale.

6. Roxx ($49)


Two stunning features power this theme: A robust jQuery slider on the homepage, and a visually impressive product grid on the product listing pages. It's colorful, simple, and powerful, making it a perfect match for business owners.

7. Arpegio ($49)


Online music sales are a booming business, and the Arpegio theme aims to help musicians sell their work in a more attractive way. With plenty of images and WooCommerce integration, it's a great tool.

8. Parquet (49)


Designed with flooring companies in mind, this innovative theme will sell and impress on a regular basis.

9. Kakileema ($49)


Impress through photography! That's the theme of this site, which pairs large images with appealing ecommerce checkout options.

10. Disco ($49)


Disco was created for online musicians, and offers a great way to sell singles and albums online using WooCommerce.

11. Bangkoo ($49)


Interior design needs a great web design to go with it, and that's exactly what this WooCommerce-based theme offers to buyers.

12. Appcloud Lite ($49)


Tablet and smartphone apps are a big deal, and this theme is designed to showcase and sell them with relative ease.

13. Dangdoot ($49)


Another music-themed WordPress ecommerce theme, this one is another great way for musicians to sell their work using the Internet.

14. Kelontong Lite ($49)


Designed to be very Apple-esque in appearance, the Kelontong Lite theme is perfect for selling web designs, electronic goods, or accessories.

15. eStore ($39)


Innovative uses of HTML5 and jQuery make this theme a must-have for companies who are looking to create a well-designed desktop shopping experience. With large images, sliders, and product descriptions, it's a great choice for online selling.

16. Blanco ($55)


The Blanco theme is one of the most striking and elegant ecommerce designs available, and it's also one of the most flexible. Compatibility with both WooCommerce and WP Commerce comes standard.

17. Ikonik ($49)


Ikonic was designed with iconographers in mind, and its design is perfect for selling premium collections of icons to interest web designers and other developers. The design is colorful and intuitive, making it a great fit for the development community.

18. Boutique ($39)


For those online business owners who run a boutique-style business, the aptly named Boutique theme will communicate the unique benefits of a smaller store while powering big online sales.

19. Sliding ($70)


Developed for WooCommerce by WooThemes itself, this theme uses a jQuery accordion to show off products in a manner that isn't often seen online. Because it's as elegant as it is fresh, it's a great way to draw attention to new products.

20. Mystile ($70)


Also developed by WooThemes, the Mystile theme offers a fresh approach to selling that involves large images, a photo gallery, and a WooCommerce checkout experience that will guide users trough the sales process.

21. Mazine ($55)


Mazine is a catalog-style theme that is perfectly suited to businesses where a showroom or gallery must be put online for all to see. Paired with the WP e-Commerce plugin, it's versatile to be used virtually everywhere.

22. Sommerce Shop ($55)

Sommerce <shop

JigoShop and WooCommerce power this stately ecommerce design, which combines large images with well-designed product pages for a professional effect. Its best uses are probably interior design businesses and more professional enterprises, but it could be used roughly anywhere for online commerce.

23. Sabak ($49)


The Sabak theme is designed to be an online catalog of sorts for its website owners. It features a storefront, a blog, and a catalog page, perfect for perusing high-quality images of the company's latest products.

24. Abundance ($55)


Pairing responsive design with excellent ecommerce features, the Abundance theme uses the WooCommerce plugin and comes completely optimized for today's search engine algorithms. A unique control panel allows for control over all commerce, SEO, and social features, making this theme an easy one for those new to WordPress commerce.

25. Flexishop 2 ($55)


The second iteration of the Flexishop design takes its name more seriously, with three different layouts that are all mobile responsive. That means it'll be easy for buyers to complete sales on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet device, and it's a major benefit for site owners.

26. Mearishop ($55)


Designed for WooCommerce, Mearishop succeeds for businesses that deal in luxury items. Its design is distinctly high-end. When combined with large images, sliders, and innovative product pages, it will give shoppers a feeling of refinement that will likely encourage them to finalize their purchase using the WooCommerce shopping cart.

27. Gather ($49)


Gather is a rather versatile theme, making it perfect for those who are writing content in addition to selling products. The theme comes built for WooCommerce, but also features portfolio, gallery, and blog templates, all of which make it perfect for today's young professionals.

28. Teeshirt ($49)


This theme might be named after a t-shirt, but that's not all it's capable of selling. With a design that is certainly apparel-oriented, smaller businesses that are looking to sell their own fashions will find their efforts bolstered by this mobile responsive, jQuery-enhanced design by Tokokoo.

29. Mantel ($49)


Mantel features a dapper look with plenty of whitespace, giving it an edgy appeal that will work well for young business owners and those in high-fashion industries. It works with WooCommerce, making it a great fit for many.

30. FreshShop ($35)


The FreshShop theme focuses primarily on a grid-based layout that is rich with whitespace, giving it an air of sophistication and class.

31. BuySell ($49)


BuySell is a basic ecommerce theme that can be used to sell on smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, using the WooCommerce plugin and a rich, grid-based layout.

32. Shopping ($16)


This innovative ecommerce template uses jQuery sliders, responsive design, and grid-based product previews, to provide a rich shopping experience.

33. Bookoo ($49)


For those website owners selling electronic books, or even physical copies, the Bookoo theme allows for in-book previews and easy purchases using WooCommerce.

34. Propulsion ($55)


Propulsion is designed to be a hybrid between a typical corporate theme and a commerce theme, and it succeeds in both areas quite easily using WooCommerce and other plugins.

35. Handmade ($55)


For those who enjoy crafting, the Handmade theme offers an appropriate way to sell products that looks appropriately handcrafted.

36. Store ($65)


The simple, three-column design of Store is perfect for ecommerce novices and customers who like a basic, straightforward website.

37. Shelf Life ($70)

Shelf Life

The shelf life of this theme is pretty long, largely due to its whitespace, grid-based layout, and heavy use of jQuery product sliders.

38. Sport and Grunge ($55)

Sport and Grunge

Companies that cater to athletes and sports enthusiasts will love this theme, which is masculine, dark, and highly effective at selling products with the WP e-Commerce plugin.

39. Dealicious ($49)


Designed for websites that feature time-sensitive daily deals, the Dealicious theme is perfectly matched with the WP Deals plugin. For those websites who aspire to be the next Groupon, this theme is a must-have.

40. ReStored ($55)


ReStored is designed to facilitate shopping for digital downloads, with product pages and instant previews available to consumers while buying.

41. KAURI ($55)


A responsive layout is combined with an excellent backend control panel to create a theme that will enable all types of commerce.

42. TokoBuku ($49)


For freelance writers and semi-professional novelists, TokoBuku is the online bookstore theme that pairs WooCommerce with impressive imagery to drive sales effectively. It even allows books to be previewed by shoppers.

43. Xing ($55)


Designed to be a well-rounded theme, Xing is a highly scalable ecommerce theme for WordPress that can meet the needs of entrepreneurs and big businesses alike.

44. Organic Shop ($55)

Organic Shop

As its name might suggest, the Organic Shop theme was designed to be an attractive, responsive theme for those selling organic foods, products, and other goods, using an online storefront.

45. Travel Island ($55)

Travel Island

With flowing clouds and tropical imagery, the Travel Island theme is a perfect match for travel agents and those who offer their services to vacationers. Its responsive layout is perfect for all devices, too.

46. Fabulous ($49)


For everything from designer apparel to books and electronic accessories, the Fabulous theme uses a grid-based layout with product pictures to pique customer interest and drive customer sales effectively.

47. The Builder ($55)


The Builder is a basic theme, built to be responsive and to integrate with WordPress commerce plugins, that can be extensively customized by the user after installation. With built-in customization tools and color palettes, it's a great resource for business owners.

48. White Light ($70)

White Light

Every aspect of this design is fully modulated, meaning things can be easily dragged and dropped to customize every corner of the White Light layout. That means the theme is highly adaptable, and won't look like any other website that has opted to use it elsewhere.

49. Kinetico ($55)


This basic grid layout allows for a more hands-on approach to ecommerce themes within WordPress. The theme can be easily extended to adapt to any business type, color scheme, or interest, in just a few moments using built-in tools.

50. DappurKue ($49)


DappurKue was developed by Tokokoo to meet the rising demand of those selling food and other culinary products online, and it meets this challenge in an attractive and responsive way.

Lots of Great Options for ecommerce

WordPress has long been one of the most popular and function content management systems available. With the ecommerce themes mentioned here, it moves firmly into an era dominated by online buying and selling, mobile browsing, and tight content management throughout.

Written 2013-01-11 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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