The 30 Best Tools to Create a Mobile Website Listed

In the United States alone, mobile devices account for 8.5 percent of all web traffic, and conservative estimates suggest that that number will double in a year. The time to create a mobile version of your website is now. The sites that don’t get up to speed now will simply fade away as less users access them. With that in mind, we present to you the 30 best tools for developing a full-featured mobile website.

1. Mobilizer — Free


Mobilizer is an awesome free desktop application for both Windows and Mac OS X that lets you view any website as if you were viewing it from a specific mobile device. It supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Palm. Mobilizer is a great way to see how a site looks across a range of platforms and devices fast.

2. Mobitest — Free


Mobitest is a free web-based service that can assess the performance of a website on a wide range of mobile devices and configurations. Mobitest even lets you save reports for future reference, and one of its coolest features is being able to compare performance between multiple sites on multiple devices.

3. MobiReady — Free


MobiReady is an invaluable free tool for all do-it-yourself webmasters that verifies any site for mobile readiness. Simply enter the site URL and then press the Go button. MobiReady will check the site and then provide a comprehensive report detailing problem areas and a lot of other useful information.

4. bMobilized –$5/month and up


bMobilized is a interesting tool that converts desktop websites into mobile websites in no time at all. It works on all devices (iPhone, Android and so on) and browsers. It’s easy to use as you only need to maintain your regular site – bMobilized will sync any updates with your mobile website. Hence, no technical skills are required.

5. WPtouch — Free


The nice thing about using a CMS like WordPress is that supporting mobile users is as simple as dropping the appropriate plugin into the build. WPtouch is one of the best and most popular such WP plugins. It comes in a free version and has a wide range of built-in features including integration with most mobile ad networks.

6. WPtap — Free


Like WPtouch, WPtap is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily expose a website to mobile devices. Unlike WPtouch, the focus here is on exposing aspects of the site in an app-like fashion. WPtouch and WPtap are not redundant, and many WordPress websites will use both plugins together to great effect.

7. Drupal Mobile Tools — Free


Drupal Mobile Tools is to Drupal what WPtouch is to WordPress and then some. Mobiles Tools is a powerful Drupal extension. It is simple to add to any Drupal website, and it automatically creates a mobile version of that site with features like permission setting, theme switching and device detection.

8. Mobile Joomla — Free

Mobile Joomla

Mobile Joomla is a Joomla extension that gives any Joomla site mobile support through the use of templates, of which there are many. In addition to templates, Mobile Joomla supports extensions, modules and components, and it offers a host of advanced features, including multi-site support.

9. Mobeezo - $6.99/month and up


Mobeezo is a great option if you want an easy to use tool. It includes seven different templates, site building tools and a wide range of widgets/features that will be of great help if you want to customize your mobile website.

10. IWebKit — Free


Sometimes there is an aspect of a standard website that simply does not translate to the smaller screen of an iPhone or iPad. The iWebKit package by Apple is a free solution that makes exposing a site as an iOS app quick and easy. IWebKit can work with Android, but the UI elements and such are clearly iOS.

11. RhoMobile — Free


RhoMobile is a great alternative to iWebKit because the apps that it develops are compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more. More importantly, RhoMobile doesn’t require the webmaster to learn new languages. Instead, they apply their preexisting web skills to write cross-platform native apps.

12. Mobify — Free or $249/month and up


Mobify is a tool that lets you create a mobile version of a new or existing website using a graphical user interface. This is a particularly strong option for sites that require a shopping cart and other e-commerce tools. The free package is quite good and very generous, but requires a Mobify logo on the site.

13. Zinadoo — Free


Zinadoo is a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop design tool for mobile website. Zinadoo has a huge collection of widgets, and the user can simply drop the needed functionality onto the page. The tool works well for the creation of new sites and works well alongside preexisting standard websites.

14. Winksite — Free


When it comes to standards compliance, including W3C mobileOK and .mobi, Winksite sits at the head of the class. It also distinguishes itself through an emphasis on social networking. Winksite is a true mobile portal with built-in support for forums, chat, polls, text messages, Twitter and so forth.

15. Mippin Mobilizer — Free


Mippin is a tool used to mobilize already existing websites, particularly those that are RSS-driven. Mippin is very fast, and the results look great with very little user involvement. It has support for more than 2,000 mobile devices and built-in support for basic analytics and mobile advertisements.

16. 2ergo — Varies


One of the emerging names in mobile web development is 2ergo. The company offers a wide array of mobile-centric services. The core 2ergo service is a hosted content management system that meets the need of mobile and conventional users alike. This is an excellent foundation for new small business sites.

17. Wirenode — Free


Wirenode is a mobile website creator that feels like a cross between Mippin and MoFuse. The basic package, which is free, is powerful and works well as an add-on to a preexisting website. The webmaster focuses on the core site, and Wirenode takes care of exposing it to the mobile users who access it.

18. Onbile — Free or 4.50€/month and up


Onbile is a template-based mobile website platform that works well for both new and existing websites. The templates are excellent and commercial-grade, but there isn’t much versatility beyond what’s available. Onbile’s free plan requires advertising. The paid plan earns a discount with year-plus contracts.

19. MoFuse — $7.95/month and up


MoFuse is mobile web builder that is very versatile. There isn’t much you can’t do with MoFuse, and it supports all the latest standards and technologies. It’s a near-perfect solution for the small business that wants a hands-off mobile site. The big drawback to MoFuse is that it requires a monthly subscription.

20. MobiSiteGalore — Free or $156/year and up


MobiSiteGalore is similar to MoFuse. Unlike MoFuse, it offers a free plan but that plan only extends to websites with three pages or less. One way that MobiSiteGalore stands out is the mobile support its own tools possess. MobiSiteGalore is a great option if you do a lot of editing from a smartphone or tablet.

21. JQTouch — Free


JQTouch is a Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile devices, including Apple, Android, RIM and Windows. JQTouch is not for the faint of heart. This is a powerful and versatile framework for the webmaster that wants to dig into the nuts and bolts of a site or wants to build a mobile site from the ground up.

22. 320 and Up — Free

320 and Up

Out of necessity, most webmasters figure how to expose existing sites to a mobile world. With new websites, a webmaster doesn’t have to take that approach. The 320 and Up tool is an HTML5 boilerplate designed to be mobile first but is also versatile enough to serve as the foundation for the most robust conventional website.

23. W3C MobileOK Checker — Free

W3C MobileOK Checker

This free tool by the World Wide Web Consortium is not as rich as mobiReady, which we listed earlier. Nevertheless, it is a solid alternative, especially when you need fast and simple verification. The W3C mobileOK checker allows you to verify sites fast via URI, file upload and even through direct input.

24. Treesaver — Free


Treesaver is a JavaScript framework used to create professional magazine layouts quickly and easily. This is a great tool for a site that wants to expose a magazine-style aspect without resorting to a distinct app. This works well as an additional layer to a site that already has standard web and mobile web support.

25. — Free

Mobilephoneemulator provides a service that, although not as sophisticated as Mobilizer, is very convenient since its web-based, which Mobilizer is not. The service is very versatile and includes a wide array of options. It has most devices predefined, but you can also create your own device templates.

26. ProtoFluid — Free


ProtoFluid is available in a free basic version as well as a standard version that requires a license. This program simplifies the design of adaptive CSS and fluid layouts. It is a particularly useful tool for websites that serve media, beyond the standard webpage, to mobile devices, televisions and so forth.

27. Titanium Mobile — Free or $49/month and up


The Titanium SDK is, among other many things, a way to write apps with web technologies but take advantage of Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android) libraries. Titanium has a huge thriving community, and the community edition of the software is free. Indie licenses are available for just $49 per month.

28. LimeJS — Free


LimeJS is an HTML5 framework for building games that run in desktop browsers and on mobile devices. These games support mouse and keyboard controls through a desktop browser and they support the touchscreen through mobile devices. All applications automatically run in all supported environments.

29. Jo — Free


Jo is a free framework for developing cross-platform sites and apps for HTML5-capable mobile devices and desktop browsers. Jo has standardized UI elements and widgets, meaning that you can create a webpage or app once and expect it to look and behave the same across all supported platforms.

30. Touchqode — Free


The modern webmaster not only codes for the mobile user, he or she is a mobile user too. Touchqode is a code editor for smartphones and tablets that makes it easy to make changes on the fly. It has a built-in FTP client and supports syntax highlighting, code suggestions, simple scripts, synchronization and more.

Written 2012-04-16 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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