The 100 Best Free Professional WordPress Themes

Themes play a major role in how powerful and popular the WordPress platform is, especially since a great deal of them are free. For professional sites, however, choosing a free theme can be a challenge. Many themes are too loud or design heavy, and the pitch-perfect ones tend to cost money or include some other deal-breaking obligation. In the following list, we present 100 WordPress themes that are completely free, have no significant obligations, and are just right for professional websites.

1. Lawyer

Lawyer Theme

Lawyer is an impressive modern WordPress template that works and looks great right out of the box. It has integration for mobile viewing, news feeds, social networking and a host of other features. The theme works well for almost any kind of website, and it’s relatively easy to customize.

2. Splendio

Splendido Theme

Splendio sets itself apart from other free professional themes with a unique geometric design. This is a superb choice for content-centric websites. It uses a widget-oriented design, and it includes powerful features for inline community involvement and social integration.

3. Seazone

Seazone Theme

The website format that most en vogue currently has a bold header, a powered sliding gallery and layout that is, at least on the surface, simple. Seazone may as well be the prototype for that style. It even has an advanced theme options page that the webmaster can use to customize it.

4. Widely

Widely Theme

Widely is a powerful WordPress theme that strikes a balance between portfolio and content-centric approaches. Widely is flexible, includes a load of features, and is customization friendly, and it’s an excellent choice for sites that don’t have a uniform subpage approach.

5. Mimbo 3.0

Mimbo Theme

At one time, Mimbo was THE WordPress magazine theme. It has a lot more competition these days, but the Mimbo layout and style is so pure and optimal that it still works exceptionally well. The non-pro version is missing some modern features, so it requires some customization and plugin use.

6. Gazpo!

Gazpo Theme

Gazpo is an ultramodern approach to the magazine style theme. Its goal is to highlight the newest and hottest articles while getting as much content on the front page as possible. It also has a superb community framework, including comments, user ratings, newsfeeds, social integration and more.

7. MiO

MiO Theme

MiO employs a subtle and spacious approach to delivering content, and it boasts a style inspired by Apple websites, hence the name. MiO is a fantastic choice for small online stores, especially those that want to showcase individual products in great detail.

8. Leadescent

Leadescent Theme

Leadescent is a clean and highly customizable theme, and every aspect of it screams premium. It’s an excellent choice for portfolios and service-oriented businesses. It uses SEO-optimized templates, and has built-in support for a wide range of services, including Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter.

9. Games No. 6

Games Theme

This fun-loving WordPress theme is perfect for game-centric portals and blogs. It works particularly well as a landing page for websites that do not and will not have a great deal of content.

10. Ajaxet

Ajaxet Theme

The Ajaxet uses the magazine approach, but it distinguishes itself from other magazine themes with its lighthearted approach. Ajaxet is an excellent choice for websites that want magazine style without the stodginess that sometimes comes along with it.

11. Webfolio

Webfolio Theme

The Webfolio WordPress theme employs a flexible portfolio approach, which sets it up nicely for a wide range of website styles. It has three effective color schemes built in, and it has widgets, an options panel and even has font replacement tool that simplifies customization.

12. Spectre

Spectre Theme

Spectre is a mind-blowing WordPress theme from a very talented graphic designer. The theme integrates both portfolio and blog elements, which makes it a fine choice for businesses that want their blog to be a crucial component of their Web presence.

13. Oxygenous

Oxygenous Theme

Oxygenous is a clean, search engine optimized WordPress theme that is perfect for websites that need to distribute a wide range of content, including articles, images, videos and even music. It has built-in support for social integration and a powerful dashboard that streamlines customization.

14. Skeleton

Skeleton Theme

Skeleton is lean, mean and stripped down, which means it isn’t the right choice for the webmaster who wants a website in a box. But it is an SEO optimized framework with wide plugin support that can provide the basis for any site type, including robust e-commerce solutions.

15. Biforate

Biforate Theme

Biforate uses a sleek and modern three-column approach, and it achieves that modern quality without ever losing sight of its blogging roots. It’s a fantastic choice for professional blogs, or for any site that will have multiple authors and will invite visitors to participate.

16. Jamming James

Jamming James Theme

Jamming James is a WordPress theme that takes a bold approach to a classic style, and that combination makes for something unique. Jamming James, which uses an article-centric design, is versatile and customizable, and it includes basic social integration and many other expected features.

17. Blog-O-Folio

Blog O Folio Theme

Despite the name, Blog-O-Folio is much more than just a standard blog theme. This is a professional design that is well suited to all site formats. It’s modern, elegant and SEO optimized, and it has a base loading structure that is impressively fast.

18. WestWard

WestWard Theme

WestWard is a sharp blog-inspired theme that has a graceful design with a featured slider as the focal point. It works well out of the box for blogs and other journalistic-type sites. It’s also highly customizable, and it has most social networking services built in.

19. Ashford

Ashford Theme

Ashford is a WordPress theme framework. It’s a high-performing modern website right out of the box, but it also has a vast array of options and a powerful admin system. The only reason we don’t rank Ashford higher on this list is that there are some nice features reserved solely for the pro version.

20. Womack

Womack Theme

Womack is gorgeous and simple but also quite powerful and customizable, and it’s a fine choice for nearly any type of website. It does include a Flash component in the default header, but that component is removed easily if the webmaster chooses not to use it.

21. Sight

Sight Theme

Sight is a professional theme using a minimalistic modern style that is well suited to professional blogs and web magazines. It uses the Golden Grid as the basis of layout, and the user can choose between standard blog and grid view.

22. Wootique

Wootique Theme

Wootique is one of the best full-featured e-commerce themes for WordPress that is available free. It’s important to note that this theme uses the free Wootique e-commerce plugin, and the coupling between theme and plugin is tight. The theme, however, is otherwise quite versatile.

23. Game Speed

Game Speed Theme

Game Speed is an amazing WordPress theme that is particularly well suited to review sites, although it also works for blogs and new sites, and it has strong community integration. Out of the box, it does have a gaming flavor, but that is easy to change with just light customization.

24. Modern

Modern Theme

As the name suggests, this theme is brilliantly modern, and it uses a black-and-white motif to great effect. When used to showcase products, the splashes of color from the product give the site a great look. This theme also works quite well for documentation sites and other knowledge bases.

25. Getaway

Getaway Theme

Developed as part of the Expedia set, Getaway is a beautiful theme that uses travelling as its subject matter. It’s actually a 2-in-1 theme, and webmasters can use both versions in the same site. This template is a great choice for any websites or blogs in a travel niche.

26. Fashion No. 5

Fashion Theme

Fashion is a sharp, straightforward design that accentuates the content. It gets its name from the built-in header, but that header is simple to change, and doing so gives the theme a very different feel. The selling point here is the powerful and streamline layout.

27. Axuko

Axuko Theme

The Axuko theme uses a premium design, and integrates a header slider, custom menus, powerful sidebars, an auto-resize thumbnail feature and a wide array of other cool components. This is one of the more polished free WordPress themes available.

28. GoGreen

GoGreen Theme

The GoGreen theme started as a simple blog template, and although it never lost sight of its blog roots, it did evolve into a full-featured theme with an admin panel, header slider for featured items, sidebar widgets and wide plugin support.

29. Fontfolio

Fontfolio Theme

Fontfolio employs a clean modernistic and minimalistic design that has real sense of the visual arts. It’s SEO optimized, has a wide range of advanced features, and proves that minimalistic doesn’t have to mean boring.

30. Simpletone

Simpletone Theme

Simpleton is an attractive WordPress theme that uses an eye-catching full-width gallery slider as its centerpiece. It also has widget areas at the sides and footer, has an options page, and includes robust social media integration right out of the box.

31. Video Free

Video Free Theme

Video Free is an extremely cool video blog theme. It is the perfect for video blogs and YouTube-like sites. The theme also has sophisticated navigation, and it fully supports conventional pages for hosting articles and blog posts.

32. Strontiumpon

Strontiumpon Theme

Strontiumpon uses an enthusiastic and playful design, and it’s an excellent option for sites that require a lot of content space but seek a light atmosphere. The default green motif may be a little too much for some, but changing the color base for this theme is as simple as flipping a switch.

33. Tungstenation

Tungstenation Theme

Tungstenation is a crisp and attractive business theme that is optimal for showcasing portfolios, including service portfolios. The theme includes a lot of customization options, and the developers have made it very easy for the user to conform this to an existing brand.

34. WP Anniversary

WP Anniversary Theme

The WordPress anniversary theme uses an attractive and casual style that will work in almost any blog-centric business environment. The theme has built-in support for Facebook and Twitter, but it does require a custom header in order to be practical for business use.

35. Magazeen

Magazeen Theme

As the name suggests, this is a magazine-style WordPress theme, but rather than be just another rehash, this theme brings a sleek style that is all its own. It is also preconfigured for most WordPress advanced features and plugins, which isn’t always the case with these magazine themes.

36. AppCloud Lite

AppCloud Theme

AppCloud Lite is an excellent free e-commerce theme. It was designed specifically as an e-store for displaying apps and gadgets, but it can be customized easily to feature almost any kind of product or service.

37. Worn Wall

Worn Wall Theme

Part of the Expedia series, Worn Wall is a gorgeous theme that puts a lot of emphasis on graphic design without losing focus on the content itself. Admittedly, the theme may be a little too design heavy for most business-oriented websites, but it’s simply too beautiful to ignore.

38. Newspaper

Newspaper Theme

Newspaper is a two-column WordPress theme with an integrated slider. It’s similar to many magazine-style themes, but here the structure is more relaxed and opened, which allows for greater readability, larger fonts and larger pieces of articles on the front page.

39. Architekt

Architeckt Theme

Architekt is simple and clean, and it was designed to highlight architecture portfolios. However, creative webmasters can use it for almost any type of portfolios, including product portfolios.

40. Smart News

Smart News Theme

Smart News is a powerful and great-looking news theme. It has an elegant and functional design, and it’s designed from the ground up to be customized for individual use. It’s also SEO optimized, has mobile support, and includes a wide range of advanced features.

41. Bubblog

Bubblog Theme

Bubblog is a clean, modern widget-ready WordPress theme with a management console. It’s also SEO optimized, ad ready and the theme is easily customized. It does require a custom logo but is otherwise ready to go as a full-featured site right out of the box.

42. Business Lite

Business Lite Theme

Business Lite is a responsive business-oriented theme that is suitable for all devices, including mobile ones. It’s SEO optimized, has a robust control panel, and uses a drag-and-drop approach.

43. Grid Style

Grid Style Theme

Grid Style is a WordPress theme that blends the portfolio and magazine approaches. It’s black and white, very modern and highly polished. It’s particularly well suited to fashion-oriented sites, but it can be easily tweaked to almost any style of use.

44. Cleanside

Cleanside Theme

Cleanside is a vibrant WordPress template with a built-in slider, social media integration, SEO optimization, ad support and powerful widget-based sidebars. It also has a theme customization panel, custom shortcodes and seamless support for most WP plugins.

45. Report Free

Report Free Theme

Report Free is yet another magazine theme, but it manages to stand apart with its own approach to interface and navigation. It also uses a module-centric approach, which makes designing layouts for the website a very organic process.

46. zBench

zBench Theme

The zBench theme uses a basic two-column design with integrated search, top-oriented tabs, and a robust sidebar. Two-column themes are less prevalent, and this is one of the most polished of those available. It does lack in advanced features somewhat, so even social media support will have to be added via plugins.

47. Colorway Lite

Colorway Lite Theme

Colorway Lite is a simple and elegant WordPress theme originally designed to showcase furniture arrangements. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that want to provide a detailed looks at a small range of products or services, but it can be customized to support larger portfolios.

48. Telluriumic

Telluriumic Theme

Telluriumic is a portfolio-blog hybrid with powerful social media integration, and its two-tone design provides an intriguing distinction between the top and bottom halves of the site. It’s a great choice for businesses that want a bold design without sacrificing overall readability.

49. Busby

Busby Theme

Busby is an awesome black-and-white theme that started as a blog template and eventually evolved into a full-feature website solution. It has a social media integration and seamless plugin support. The large footer element does seem gaudy by current standards, but it’s easily lopped off.

50. The Morning After

The Morning After Theme

Built using the WooFramework, The Morning After WordPress theme is a powerful magazine-style theme. Aesthetically, it’s not quite as modern as some options higher on the list are, but under the hood, this is one of the most powerful magazine themes available.

51. Triton Lite

Triton Theme

Triton Lite was conceived as an all-in-one WordPress theme, and it comes pretty close to the mark. It’s versatile, SEO optimized, has built-in widgets and shortcodes, and seamlessly integrates with other WordPress plugins.

52. Sintea

Sintea Theme

Sintea is powerful theme with a profession design centered on an automated slider. It also has tabbed navigation and uses a left-oriented menu system — users can change the orientation. It’s SEO optimized, compatible with most WordPress plugins, and is ready to rock in its default state.

53. Creativix

Creativix Theme

The fact that Creativix is halfway down this list is the testament to the overall quality of the list. This is a clean, modern and elegant business design that makes customization a simple process. This is an amazing option for users who want great control over a portfolio-centric design.

54. Meta-Morphosis

Meta-Morphosis Theme

Built with the WooFramework, Meta-Morphosis is a brilliant two-column design that puts the focus squarely on the content. Using the WooFramework, users can also adjust the theme so that other pages use three-column, or other, templates and different UI and content components.

55. Mahusay

Mahusay Theme

Mahusay is a powerful WordPress theme originally intended for personal blogs, but it’s a quite capable solution for professional blogs and other business sites. It has an excellent header system, a powerful sidebar with ad support, SEO optimization, and it still provides a lot of room on the front page for articles and other content.

56. Girly Nature (Grunge)

Girly Nature Theme

Part of the Expedia series, the Grunge edition of the Girly Nature template is a robust WordPress theme that uses a blog-style approach. It may be too “personal blogish” for many businesses, but the aesthetic caliber of this theme is incredibly high and impossible to ignore.

57. Spectacular

Spectacular Theme

Spectacular is a powerful WordPress theme that has a unique aesthetic. Where most themes are calculating and precise, Spectacular is warm and comforting and something completely unique. It’s a great choice for a business that wants to foster a warm and casual atmosphere.

58. Lysa

Lysa Theme

Lysa is a WordPress theme with the mind of a mathematician but the spirit of an artist. The basic blog slash magazine style approaches are all here, but Lysa does it in a very open and flowing way. It does require a custom header, but is otherwise image-light and can be dramatically altered with just a few color changes.

59. Platform

Platform Theme

Platform is a powerful and popular WordPress theme that uses a drag-and-drop approach and uses HTML5. It may be a little bland out of the box, but it’s an excellent option for the webmaster who wants a powerful foundation for a unique WordPress site.

60. News Today

News Today Theme

News Today is an awesome WordPress template that recreates the style used by many online newspapers, including sites like the New York Times and Washington Post. The theme gets a lot of content on each page, but provides ample room for images, descriptions and social interaction.

61. Food No. 3

Food Theme

Food is a simple but highly effective WordPress theme using a red motif. It gets its name from the header image, but most users will replace that. The theme does use some images, but it’s easy to change the look of the design simply by adjusting the hue on the included image sets.

62. Swatch

Swatch Theme

Based on the WooFramework, Swatch is a very professional, very business-centric theme that boasts a sophisticated slider and an array of advanced features. It has a modern landing page, a portfolio aspect, a blog aspect and a wide range of other page templates.

63. SuperFresh

SuperFresh Theme

SuperFresh is a powerful, attractive and highly customizable theme base, but it works well out of the box as a basic blog. It has mobile support and a wide range of advanced support, and it’s a great option for businesses that want a strong foundation for a unique professional blog.

64. Bulletin Board (Safari)

Bulletin Board Theme

The Safari edition of the Bulletin Board WordPress theme is part of the Expedia series, and it’s a great choice for businesses and bloggers who deal with animal topics, products and services.

65. Century Club

Century Club Theme

Century Club is a sophisticated, but not complex, WordPress theme with a gallery style that boasts a bold, dark aesthetic. It’s a great choice for article sites that want to distinguish themselves from the endless run of black-on-white sites without sacrificing readability.

66. Games No. 5

Games Theme

Games is a simple and straightforward theme that gets right down to business. The basic but highly effective layout is the selling point here. The colors and the outdated header can all be changed easily.

67. RetroName

RetroName Theme

RetroName has a very polished modern design with a great look and layout, and it also provides many vectors that the webmaster can use to personalize the design.

68. Rheniumific

Rheniumific Theme

The developer of Rheniumific describes it as grungy, and it definitely is a portfolio design with an attitude. This is a great choice for businesses who want a portfolio site but something different from the basic black-on-white designs that are so prevalent.

69. Food No. 4

Food Theme

Food is a very basic yet attractive and highly effective blog theme. It has a female spirit, and is a strong option for small stores and small pro blogs that cater to topics such as foodies, flowers and feminine topics.

70. Zinx

Zinx Theme

Zinx is a premium-like theme that finds a nice balance between the blog and magazine style. It includes support for video, galleries, social media and community interaction, and it’s a great choice for professional blogs that have a lot of activity and many articles.

71. Hightone

Highstone Theme

Hightone is a slick theme that provides a variation on Cleanside, which we listed earlier. It has a powerful admin panel and loads of customization options. It also has many built-in features including SEO optimization, widgets and ad support.

72. Antimonified

Antimonified Theme

Antimonified is an excellent content-centric theme that has a clean modern layout and employs a conservative, comforting southwestern color pallet. It also has a wide range of advanced features, including sliders, widgets and custom sidebar menus.

73. Swift Basic

Swift Basic Theme

Swift is one of the most developer friendly and fast loading SEO WordPress themes on the market. Swift Basic is the free edition and an amazing theme in its own right. It does lack some of the advanced features, but creative webmasters can compensate with freely available plugins.

74. Skyline

Skyline Theme

Its developers call Skyline a magazine theme, but Skyline is not so easily categorized. It’s a powerful and diverse theme with a custom menu system, tabs, featured slider and a widget-based sidebar.

75. Neste

Neste Theme

Neste is an excellent, full-featured theme for modern websites. It doesn’t have any one component that is particularly unique, but as a system, Neste is powerful and versatile, and it’ll work regardless of the niche or website format.

76. Shuttershot

Shuttershot Theme

Shuttershot is a powerful full-screen slideshow theme, and it also has support for conventional blog and website pages. It works best for sites where the primary goal is to accentuate a portfolio.

77. Woodpress

Woodpress Theme

Woodpress is a fixed 3-column theme that uses a news-style approach. It’s very attractive and readable, and highly polished all around. The color motif is calm and casual, and a nice change of pace from black on white.

78. Grunge Style (Story)

Grunge Style Theme

The Story edition of the Grunge Style theme is highly stylized with dark colors and distinct UI elements. It’s very readable, has wide plugin support, and is a strong option for professional blogs.

79. Rutheniumify

Rutheniumify Theme

Rutheniumify is a 3-column WordPress theme using a newspaper approach. It’s professionally built, extremely polished, SEO optimized and multisite compatible.

80. Mildly Mylene

Mildly Mylene Theme

Mildly Mylene is an elegant and casual magazine-style theme with a feminine spirit, but it’s also a full-featured site framework. It boasts social media integration, custom typography, and a powerful admin panel.

81. EvoLve

EvoLve Theme

EvoLve is a modern WordPress theme with a powerful admin system, fully customizable layout, and 14 built-in color variants. It has wide plugin and language support, and built-in features including slideshows, widgets and custom menus and buttons.

82. Akylas

Akylas Theme

Akylas is a slider-centric magazine-style theme with strong social integration. It has a powerful customization framework, and is an excellent choice for businesses and professional blogs that intend to have large, active communities.

83. Retro-fitted

Retro-fitted Theme

Retro-fitted is a deluxe pro blog theme with custom tabbed navigation and custom menus. The front page provides quick looks at the most recent posts and articles, and the theme automatically paginates. This is a great looking theme with a style that really stands out.

84. Design

Design Theme

Design is a clean modern theme that has its own unique approach to the magazine style. It has excellent menus and navigation, and allows readers a closer look at articles without navigating away from the landing page. Design is a great choice for content heavy sites.

85. Calypso

Calypso Theme

Yet another magazine-style theme, Calypso stands on its own with a unique layout, a fresh design, custom menus, featured thumbnails, widgetized sidebar and footer, and a jQuery slider.

86. ProPhone

ProPhone Theme

ProPhone is a powerful modern WordPress template that uses a mobile theme, and also has full support for mobile devices. This is a great choice for personal and business blogs that will focus on a mobile niche.

87. Scarlett

Scarlett Theme

Scarlett is a standard 3-column blog layout with a lot of polish and a very modern feel. It has numerous navigation options built in, which makes it an excellent choice for large blogs or those that intend to grow large.

88. Daily Press

Daily Press Theme

Daily Press is a professional template for pro blogs that uses a minimalistic approach. It’s attractive and polished, and with the right plugins, it could easily serve as a magazine framework. The goal of Daily Press is to give you the choice rather than load up on features you may never use.

89. Premium News

Premium News Theme

Built on the WooFramework, Premium News is a sleek news-style WordPress theme. This is a great option for sites that want that classic news look, but want a lot of room to customize it.

90. Our Right

Our Right Theme

Our Right is a superb and highly stylish basic WordPress blog template. It’s an excellent choice for small blogs, but can be customized via widgets to support more activity and greater community interaction.

91. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Theme

Thunderbolt is a streamlined, grid-oriented magazine-style theme. There’s a lot of whitespace here, which really puts the focus on the content and maximizes readability. This is an excellent option for sites that want to achieve a true newspaper style.

92. Simppple

Simppple Theme

Simppple is a sophisticated professional WordPress theme with a unique style that is perfect for the small business showcasing its services or a small number of products. Note that Simppple comes in large set of free WordPress themes, which is annoying but worthwhile.

93. Altruism

Altruism Theme

Altruism is minimalistic and lightweight theme that manages to look extremely polished and business-like in the process. Don’t let the simplicity fool you: It’s flexible enough to host large, robust sites, and it’s infinitely expandable via WordPress plugins.

94. Paragrams

Paragrams Theme

Paragrams uses a stylish grid-based design that is lightweight and imageless. It works quite well in its default state, but it has wide plugin support and a number of advanced built-in features. This is a great choice for any journalistic-like website, even those that are image-centric.

95. Pro Black

Pro Black Theme

Pro Back is a bold professional blog template. By default, it uses an orange-on-black motif, but the theme package includes other color options. The user can also expand those options simply by adjusting the hue on any of the included image sets.

96. Colossus

Colossus Theme

Colossus is a polished pro WP theme that is perfect for sites in the entertainment and lifestyle niches. It’s powerful enough for full-blown online magazines and accessible enough for the personal blog.

97. Photoria

Photoria Theme

Photoria is one of the best WordPress options available for image-centric websites. This is a dark-themed portfolio-style template, and it uses a built-in slider as its focal point. The theme is highly customizable, has a built-in control panel, and wide plugin support.

98. HTML5Press (N/A)

HTML5Press Theme

HTML5Press is one of the best totally CSS3 and HTML5 WP themes available, and it even has integration with Google Web Fonts. HTML5Press boasts a maintenance mode and a powerful admin panel. Out of the box, it’s a little on the boring side, which is why we rank it so low, but if you’re willing to customize it, this is an awesome theme that is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and has mobile support.

99. Danko

Danko Theme

Danko is an excellent professional theme specifically designed for charities, although all businesses and individuals can use it. The only reason we rank it so low on the list is that it requires significant customization to remove the charity elements.

100. Tomodachi

Tomodachi Theme

Tomodachi is a magazine-style WordPress theme that, unlike most magazine themes, sticks close to its blog roots. The layout is content-centric, and it has tabbed navigation and a powerful sidebar. This is a great choice for pro blogs, but it hits the bottom of our list because you’ll have to use a plugin to add social media integration.

Written 2012-03-29 (Updated 2016-10-10)
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Written by David Walsh

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