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Shared Server Hosting (AKA Cheap Web Hosting) is ideal for small or personal websites. These plans offer the best hosting prices available, so if you're trying to figure out where to buy web hosting for your site, there are few better places to start!

Buy a Cheap Hosting plan and pair it with an online portfolio to get the ultimate professional look, or finally start that online business you've been dreaming of and become your own boss. The opportunities are limitless! Compare cheap hosting prices with plans provided by the best web hosting companies, many of which also provide website builders and domains as standard.

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Money Back Guarantee
With well over half of the Control Panel market share, cPanel is a name you can trust
Open-source and Linux compatible, this is the preferred database choice of most webmasters
Site Transfer Service
Includes assistance in transferring your site over from another hosting provider
Compatible with the industry-leading Content Management System (CMS) currently running over half of the world's websites
This reliable and versatile Content Management System (CMS) is popular among business users
Compatible with various flavors of the Linux operating system - the industry standard in web hosting
Servers are compatible with Windows Server Operating System - essential for ASP.NET sites
24/7 Support
Get assistance with your website any time, any day of the week
Free SSL Certificate
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection encrypts data as it travels between your website and your visitors - essential for eCommerce
Free Ad Credits
Use these online advertising credits to boost traffic and help your site get off the ground
Green Hosting Provider
Green Web Hosting as an eco-friendly alternative to those who want to get their website online but don't want to contribute to ever-increasing pollution levels
Trusted Provider
$3.99 / month
12 month(s): $3.99/month
$1.99 / month
12 month(s): $2.50/month
36 month(s): $2.25/month
12 month(s): $1.99/month
Best Value
$3.49 / month
24 month(s): $3.49/month

Cheap Hosting plans to suit any budget

Don’t risk a cent - All Hosting plans listed here have a money back guarantee

Free advertising credits, drag and drop website builders, free tutorials

Online store software - Payment systems, shopping carts, discount codes and more!

24/7/365 support - Get the help you need, whenever you need it 

Who is Cheap Web Hosting for?

Cheap Hosting is perfect for anyone - whether you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, or a web developer just looking to save money. The most important thing, particularly for beginners, is to be willing to try and learn as you go along.

If you want to start a shop, blog, non-profit organisation or just want to benefit from having a website on your CV, then this is the place to start. Don't worry about starting small - you can always upgrade your hosting plan later on as needs arise.

What can I expect from the Cheap Hosting plans listed above?

- cPanel: the industry standard control panel solution designed to make running your site as simple as possible

- Website builder: for those of you who haven't got around to designing your site yet, these useful drag-and-drop tools will get you started

- Linux: the most popular server operating system in the world

- Shopping cart: an essential solution for running an online store

- Email services: give yourself that professional edge with unlimited custom email addresses

What is the difference between Cheap Web Hosting and Shared Server Hosting?

Absolutely nothing at all! It is just two names for the same product. All of the providers in the list above use Shared Server hosting architecture to deliver the hosting plans advertised, and all Shared Hosting plans are 'cheap'.

Why is Shared Server Hosting so affordable?

A web server can host hundreds, or even thousands, of websites as long as it has the necessary hardware and bandwidth to accommodate Internet traffic to and from the websites that reside in it.

This system works, as long as the web hosting provider doesn't try to accommodate more websites than its shared server is capable of handling. Which is why only the most reliable, legitimate and respected web hosting providers are listed here on Web Hosting Search.

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting
per month
  • Value for money
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Technical knowledge not required
  • The above all provide user-friendly tools for building and managing your website for beginners and intermediate site owners
  • Hosting provider handles the server maintenance and troubleshooting
  • No control over what can be installed on your server outside of your space
  • Limitations, even on 'unlimited' features
  • Server resources are shared, meaning your site can be affected by traffic surges from your 'neighbors' (your host will watch out for this)
per month

Not sure how to buy Web Hosting? Maybe you would like to compare Web Hosting plans or just find out the price of hosting a website. Fortunately, our Web Hosting price comparison table above will tell you all you need to know. Compare Web Hosting providers based on the features and prices they offer and get cheap hosting today!

Get domain and hosting as part of the same package by looking for cheap web hosting providers offering free domains bundled into the deal. Top of the range tools like cPanel and WordPress installation are also often included, to make the startup and administration of your website as easy as possible.

What is Cheap Web Hosting?

Cheap hosting is fantastic place to start and is aimed at small websites (with less than 100 pages, 500 pictures, 5000 users a month). When your website starts to grow, you can look at upgrading your hosting package, which your hosting company can help with.

In order to provide hosting services which are affordable, web hosting companies offer the opportunity to host your website on a Shared Server. Due to the inherent low cost, this is typically known as 'Cheap Web Hosting', the ideal solution for those looking to get their website online within a tight budget but still have a professional feel.

Shared Server Hosting

Refers to multiple websites sharing between them a single server and its resources, such as storage space and bandwidth. As the costs of buying and maintaining the machine is split between sometimes 100s of people, this is by far the cheapest web hosting service available.

How did Cheap Hosting get started?

When the World Wide Web opened to the public in 1991, most websites were hosted on their own web servers. This was expensive and there was no way for somebody to get their business online without a thorough technical knowledge.

To provide for this need, cheap web hosting companies rent out portions of their virtual server space, enabling them to handle the setup and maintenance on behalf of the user. Bluehost were among the pioneers, having been founded in 1996, while Hostgator began in 2002.

Today, shared hosting is the most widely offered hosting service, mainly in response to ever increasing demand from small businesses and blog writers looking for a platform to give them visibility online.

Cheap Hosting can also be good hosting!

Despite its reputation as the 'best price Web Hosting' type, Cheap Hosting is a perfectly acceptable solution that affordably meets the requirements of most without needing to compromise on quality. In particular, the budget web hosting companies displayed above offer excellent storage capacity, security and value for money. Buy cheap Web Hosting by clicking the orange 'Get Hosting' button now!


Web Hosting Search is committed to doing its part for the environment through the promotion of sustainable practices. We actively support Green Hosting initiatives, and encourage our partners in the Web Hosting industry to do the same by using green energy to power their data centers.