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  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Video & Media Specialists
  • Flexible Pricing!
  • Dell Hardware
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  • Addon Domains: unlimited
  • CPU: unlimited
  • Email Accounts: 25
  • Subdomains: unlimited

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Web Hosting Code of Conduct

Is PacificHost following the Code of Conduct?

Buying web hosting should be safe and hassle free. This is why we have created the Web Hosting Code of Conduct. Below you'll be able to see what areas PacificHost is compliant with and in which areas we think it needs improvement.

  • 1. Money Back Guarantee

    If there is a Money Back Guarantee, the provider will make sure to live by it and not hide anything in the fine-print.

  • 2. Specs & Features

    The provider will clearly present what’s included in their respective plans. Numbers will be stated and expressions such as "unlimited" will be explained for the end consumer.

  • 3. Cancellations

    When the contract comes to an end it is possible to cancel it if the customer so wishes. If the provider does not live up to its promise the end consumer will be able to cancel the contract. A customer that wishes to transfer their site to a new domain will be able to do so according to the set rules in the contract.

  • 4. Privacy

    Personal information of customers will not be passed on to third parties and the provider will refrain from "spam" practices.

  • 5. Support

    Professional support will always be given when needed. Providers should clearly state when 1st line support is available versus 2nd line support.

  • 6. No Surprises

    There will be no surprise bills saying the customer has gone over the allotted bandwidth, storage or RAM.

  • 7. Easy Installations

    Software provided by the provider will be easy to install by the customer.

  • 8. Safe Environment

    The provider will make sure that their servers are being taken care of and protected in a safe environment. Transport Layer Security (formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer) will be the general standard.

  • 9. Domain Names

    Providers will register domain names in the names of their customers. This ensures that they own their domain names and can move to another provider if the customer wishes so.

  • 10. BBB

    Accredited by BBB if the company is based in the US or Canada.

PacificHost is Compliant with
10 out of 10
Points in Our Code of Conduct