SingleHop is one of the Good Guys

The reasons to why SingleHop is one of the “Good Guys” are many but we’ll try to sum it up in a couple sentences.

SingleHop Staff

First of all, SingleHop takes good care of their customers. Obviously everyone says that they put the customer first but with SingleHop it’s actually true. Their plans are of high quality and important to mention is that this is a provider that will remain in the industry for many years to come – they are far from some of those risky fly-by-night operations. Customer support is knowledgeable and friendly. When talking to people working at SingleHop it’s easy to understand that they enjoy coming in to work each morning. Something that is key if you want to run a quality business.

Meet the people behind the company

Chris SingleHop

- Can you please give a short presentation of yourself
 My name is Chris Larkin and I’m one of SingleHop’s Hosting Consultants. I’m in charge of advising new and current clients on the best hardware and technologies available for their specific needs. With years of experience and clients from around the globe I’ve become an expert at assessing client needs and ensuring that all SingleHop customers receive the best service in the industry.

- What sets your company apart from other providers?
 At SingleHop we have focused on giving our customers the most bang for their buck. This means powerful hardware, a redundant and world-class network with exceptional bandwidth offerings, and the best customer support in our industry with 24/7/365 help.

- Who is your typical customer?
 Small to medium sized web businesses looking to host their site, data, or application.

- What do you think about the future of web hosting/trends in web hosting?
 Cloud computing is the biggest trend at the moment, but it is very fractured, you can call anything a cloud, but It is only a real cloud product when it offers redundancy, scalability, and efficiency like our Cascade cloud product.

- Finally, if you had to pick one song to represent your company – what song would that be?
 Whiskey in the Jar. I know Thin Lizzy and Metallica each do a great version of this song.

Written 2011-03-25 (Updated 2011-11-30)
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