InMotion is one of the Good Guys

It's difficult to, in only a couple sentences, sum up why InMotion qualifies as one of the good guys (as there are lots of positive things to say about this company) but I'll give it a try.

InMotion Office

To begin with, InMotion is a company that has their priorities right. The customer is the most important and everyone signing up for an account will get access to world-class hosting services. It’s easy to notice that the people working for InMotion take great pride in what they do. And rightfully so. InMotion is a top provider and truly of one of the good guys in the web hosting industry.  I also want to give some recognition to the support team – you guys (and girls of course) truly know your stuff. Keep up the good work!

Meet the people behind the company

Steve InMotion

- Can you please give a short presentation of yourself

My name is Steve Bergloff. I'm the Support Team Lead on the day shift, and have been in this position for just over a year.  I started with the company in January of 2010.  My role is essentially to provide day to day oversight of the support team, assist with operational management including task assignment, scheduling, performance, productivity and quality standards.  My primary goal is to keep the team motivated and focused on providing the best possible support to our customers.  I have over 8 years experience in various roles within large support centers.  I've earned an AS degree in Computer Science from ECPI College of Technology, and have studied Philosophy and Political Science at Old DominionUniversity.

- What sets your company apart from other providers?

We specialize in Business Class Hosting, which if you've never known, could mean the difference  between the success or demise of your online efforts. There are free hosting companies out there, but you would never see a company like Amazon or ebay using these. Why? Because they don't convey a sense of professionalism. We want people to realize that there are different types of providers within the web hosting industry, and that they do make a difference. We are like the Cadillac of Hosting services.

- Who is your typical customer?

We are definitely geared towards the small-medium sized businesses, who understand the value in our products and services. There is a huge difference between our business class host services and the “other guys.” If you need your website to be a representation of your business, look no further. 

- What do you think about the future of web hosting/trends in web hosting?

Web sites will become more of an extension of an individual, and the audience will start to understand the difference between a good and bad host. Five years ago, if your business had a website, you were considered to be professional. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who hasn't tried to create an online presence. E-commerce sites bring out the entrepreneurial aspect of that person, wanting to make it big on the net. As more and more people try different hosting companies, there will be a clearer understanding of which companies are considered to be for the professionals, and which are not.

- Finally, if you had to pick one song to represent your company – what song would that be?

 “I Love The Sweet Buzz of the Data Centers“

Written 2011-04-05 (Updated 2011-04-26)
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