30 Web Developer Cheat Sheets

The list of skills a given web developer must possess is growing everyday. With the massive growth of web technologies, comes the demand for developers with a wide skill set. A useful tool in any developers tool box can be the well known 'cheat sheet'. Today, we will have a look at 30 essential web developer cheat sheets, ranging from MySQL to Photoshop.

PHP + MySQL Cheat Sheets

The PHP scripting language has become one of the most popular server side languages around. Add to that, the power and integration of the open source MySQL database system, and you have a very powerful set of tools in your hand. That said, we will start off with some wonderful PHP and MySQL cheat sheets.

1. Added Bytes - PHP Cheat Sheet v2 

PHP Cheat Sheet Screenshot

The AddedBytes cheat sheet above covers multiple php topics such as functions list and regular expressions.

2. Blue Shoes - PHP Online Cheat Sheet

 PHP Online Cheat Sheet Screenshot

If you would rather not download a php cheat sheet, BlueShoes has provided an online php cheat sheet available for you to access at anytime.

3. WebCheatSheet - Regular Expressions Online Cheat Sheet

 Regex Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Regular expressions can get a little tricky no matter what language you are dealing with, WebCheatSheet has provided us with a quick online guide to php regular expressions.

4. AddedBytes - Regex Cheat Sheet - PDF

 Regex Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Another excellent cheat sheet from AddedBytes, this regular expression cheat sheet is available as a pdf and packed full of helpful information.

5. MySQL Online Cheat Sheet

 MySQL Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Above you will find a helpful and quick online guide to basic and slightly complex MySQL commands.

6. Gigantic MySQL Cheat Sheet

 MySQL Cheat Sheet Screenshot

If you're looking for a full fledged MySQL cheat sheet, look no further. The cheat sheet above (again, by AddedBytes) contains MySQL native functions, php MySQL functions, MySQL data types, and MySQL sample queries.

7. WikiBook - MySQL Cheat Sheet

 MySQL WikiBook Cheat Sheet Screenshot

The WikiBook MySQL Cheat Sheet is an open and member contributed online MySQL guide. It has the advantage of constantly being updated as the database languages evolves.

Javascript and AJAX libraries

No front end developer would be complete without some basic Javascript skills. Wether you are working with raw Javascript or using one of the many popular AJAX libraries that are available, there are plenty of cheat sheets to go around.

8. Javascript Reference Card - PDF

This quick reference card summarizes the core features of JavaScript - naming conventions, variable types, control structures, intrinsic functions etc.

9. Javascript Cheat Sheet

 JS CS Screenshot

The above cheat sheet covers all kinds of Javascript topics such as function reference, regular expressions, XMLhttpRequests, event handlers, and a whole lot more.

10. Javascript and Browser Objects Quick Reference - PDF

This is actually Appendix A from the book The JavaScript Bible. Wiley (the publishers) have allowed the author to release certain parts of the Appendix, one part which contains Javascript and browser objects quick reference.

11. Gigantic List of Javascript Cheat Sheets

 JS Cheat Sheets

Perhaps you haven't seen the exact Javascript cheat sheet you have been looking for yet. The website above holds a vast array of very specific Javascript cheat sheets, certainly worth a quick browse.

12. jQuery Visual Map

 jQuery Map Screenshot

Provided by the jQuery website, the jQuery visual map is a single (large) png image that allows you to visualize the jQuery API. It is perfect for a quick reference whilst working on a project.

13. jQuery API Browser

 API Browser Screenshot

The jQuery API browser is a way to access documentation on any function or feature of the jQuery language. Even better is the fact that you can download it as a stand alone Adobe Air application for you to use whenever you wish.

14. jQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet

 JS 1.3 Cheat Sheet Screenshot

For those of you who prefer to download your cheat sheets in good ol' fashion pdf form, ACodingFool has come to our rescue. This cheat sheet covers the latest version of jQuery at the time of writing.

15. MooTools Cheat Sheet - PDF

 MooTools CheatSheet Screenshot

Time to give some love back to the Moo. This cheat sheet covers mootools v1.2+ and is really helpful for anyone starting to learn MooTools, or an old pro who just needs a refresher.

HTML and CSS Cheat Sheets

16. HTML Cheat Sheet - PDF

 HTML Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Go squared has put together an excellent and thorough HTML cheat sheet free for anyone to download. Especially great for beginners and those times when you just can't remember a certain tag.

17. HTML Cheat Sheet - PDF/PNG

 HTML Cheat Sheet Screenshot2

As if AddedBytes haven't made enough cheat sheets for us already, they have made another one for HTML. This time it is available in two versions, as a pdf or as a single png image.

18. HTML 5 Cheat Sheet - PDF

 HTML5 Cheat Sheet Screenshot

SmashingMagazine has released a wonderful and free HTML5 cheat sheet for you to start studying. Though we may not be at the point where we can use HTML5 everyday, it is always good to keep up with new technology.

19. CSS Cheat Sheet PDF/PNG

Available in PNG or PDF format, this is an extremely thorough CSS cheat sheet you can refer to time and time again.

20. CSS Online Cheat Sheet

 CSS Online Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Seen above is a quick and dirty online CSS cheat sheet made by Leslie Franke. Great for quick access in the middle of a project.

21. CSS 3 Cheat Sheet - PDF

 CSS3 Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Again, from SmashingMagazine comes another great freebie. This time it is a cheat sheet for CSS 3, which is gaining more and more browser support everyday.

Photoshop and Illustrator Cheat Sheets

22. Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet - PDF

 Photoshop CS3 Screenshot

All keyboard shortcuts organized into four pages, by menu, as well as alphabetically by key.

23. Photoshop CS4 Cheat Sheet -PDF

This comes from the same makers as the CS3 cheat sheet, this time it has been modified for CS4. You can download it for free and browse it as a pdf.

24. Photoshop Brush Tool Cheat Sheet - PDF

 Brush Cheat Sheet Screenshot

The Photoshop brush tool is a very powerful one that has many unknown features. Learn to master that tool and you will probably be more efficient when designing. Keeping this cheat sheet handy will help you to learn all you need to know about the Photoshop brush tool.

25. Online Adobe CS4 Cheat Sheet

We're going to consider this an online cheat sheet, as it is just so darn helpful. You can choose from a wide list of Photoshop topics on the left to bring up more information about them. Think of it as an interactive cheat sheet.

26. Photoshop Tools Cheat Sheet

 Tools Cheat Sheet Screenshot

This is a great online cheat sheet that gives you access and information about all of the Photoshop tools and their shortcuts.

27. Illustrator Short Cuts Cheat Sheet

 Illustator Shortcuts Screenshot

The beautiful WebDesigerWall has put together an online cheat sheet and post full of tips for using Adobe Illustrator shortcuts.

28. AI Shortcuts Cheat Sheet - PDF

 Shortcut Cards Screenshot

This media pack comes with multiple pdfs packed with Adobe Illustrator shortcuts information and references. Also included in the pack are cheat sheets to other popular Adobe products.

Misc Cheat Sheets

29. The WordPress Help Sheet

 WP Cheat Sheet Screenshot

For all of the WordPress lovers out there, WPCandy has put together an online WordPress 'help sheet' to get you any information you may have forgotten or not seen before.

30. SEO Cheat Sheet - PDF

 SEO Cheat Sheet Screenshot

Lastly, we have the all mighty SEO cheat sheet, kindly made for us by the guys over at the SEOMoz blog. Most websites could use some SEO once in a while, and this cheat sheet is a nice place to start.

Written 2011-09-01 (Updated 2012-01-30)
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