30 New Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

There was a time the high school nerd was the computer guru. Now there are certifications and degrees and an ever growing tool set for web development. The software environments, programming language, frameworks, it can be enough of a challenge to keep up with everything. The little things, like remembering short cut keys or minute data about colors and tables can be frustrating.

That’s where cheat sheets come in. They’re extremely useful. If a designer or developer spends a lot of time in different software environments, access to a cheat sheet can be an invaluable tool to production and time.

Cheat sheets are all over the Internet. This can be a problem by itself. There’s the possibility spending as much time looking for a solid reference guide as struggling with that tiny detail. But trust us, it’s worth it. When the time comes, you’ll be thankful to have that cheat sheet handy.

To save some time, here is a list of 30 useful cheat sheets for front end web development.

1. HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet


A well specified visual grid containing related attributes and all HTML tags. The provider updates the sheet as new additions or changes to HTML 5 tend to happen frequently.

2. HTML 5 Cheat Sheets


Three powerful and useful cheat sheets. Tags, event handler content attributes and a checklist that lists browser support for everything from offline web application to Ruby annotation.

3. HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

HTML Charachter

Who hasn’t scrambled for character codes? This one offers character codes, views of the character and a description. Characters that aren’t assigned in HTML (e.g.: ) have been omitted.

4. HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet

HTML Canvas

Looking for a basic argument x of function y when structuring canvas elements? Here’s a listing of methods and attributes for 2D drawing context and canvas elements with illustrations.

5. XHTML Character Entity Reference

XHTML Charachter

This one needs to be bookmarked to take full advantage of. Over 250 HTML and XHTML allowed entities divided and color coded. Change fonts, filter by shapes, mathematical operators and international characters.

6. Color Codes Matching HTML Cheat Sheet

Color Codes

No matter how the technology changes, this doesn’t. A cheat sheet is practical because there’s no way anyone could possibly retain all the information contained in one on these sheets.

7. PHP Reference Sheet

Reference Cheat Sheet

It never hurts to have the basics on hand. It’s not unusual to know the function’s on the tip of the tongue but not being able to recall it. This cheat sheet works great in conjunction with …

8. PHP Cheat Sheet (v2)

PHP Cheat Sheet Version 2

The most common functions: references, PCRE modifiers, an expression of regular syntax guide, and some that aren’t — like the function argument orders.

9. PHP Comparison Cheat Sheet

PHP Comparison

Three sheets comparing use of different operators and more. Find info on Empty (), special values and comparisons with ‘==’ and ‘===.’

10. CSS 3 Cheat Sheet


Selector types, properties and allowed values specific to current CSS 3 from the W3C. The sections attempt to match the modules with what is actively associated with the W3C specification.

11. GoSquared CSS Cheat Sheet
 (CSS) - (CSS 3)


GoSquared uses real time web analytics which is a powerful tool in Internet marketing and e-commerce. These sheets cover the basic options and short cuts available in both versions of CSS.

12. CSS support in Opera 9.5

CSS Support Opera

This is actually a reliable source for all things Opera. This particular list is broken down by categories like selectors and media queries. It also lists applicable CSS version and what’s supported in Opera 9.5.

13. JavaScript Cheat Sheet


Function reference, regular expressions, XMLHttpRequests, event handlers and a lot more. The multitude of methods and functions are broken down in sections. To the right find DOM methods.

14. DOM Cheat Sheets


The most commonly used DOM methods in one place.

15. Microformats Cheat Sheets


List of properties by format, as well as each format listed within its hierarchy. Compound microformats, elemental microformats and standard design patterns. There’s also a link to tagging.

16. Common Fonts to Mac & Windows

Common Fonts

Browser safe fonts that work in both Windows and Mac. Some still believe any font on their computer works on web pages, not realizing that the individual viewing the page may not have that font.

17. jQuery Cheat Sheet


Know that when callbacks receive arguments, know what those arguments are. Method functionality is clearly delineated. Confusing selector syntax is explained.

18. jQuery Selectors Cheat Sheet


Covers everything necessary to navigate jQuery selectors, including custom jQuery selectors, basic hot tips, matched set methods, CSS selectors, and more.

19. jQuery Visual Map


This will require a little effort on the developer or designer’s part. Using a series of menus, such as Core, access a sub-menu for basics, like content filters and forms. Continue until you locate what you need.

20. Apache Cheat Sheet


Quick reference guide to a few hundred bits of Apache related information. Expressive syntax, commands, flags, server includes, tricks, tips and more. If you need to specify your search, there’s —

21. Apache Cheat Sheets


A series of reliable cheats for Apache: .HTAccess, Mod_Rewrite, Slicehost and Linode LAMP, Server Side, etc.

22. SQL Cheat Sheet


Data manipulation, table manipulation, data, index, selectors, joining, all in brief, clear detail. Spend less time figuring out how to access and direct data in the likes of Oracle, MySQL and DB2.

23. Adobe Pen Tool Cheat Sheet

Adobe Pen

The pen tool functions pretty the same way across the InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator platforms. Quickly distinguish the subtle differences between Adobe’s various pen symbols.

24. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Cheat Sheet

Adobe Photoshop

Author Lesa Snider provides keyboard shortcuts and mini-tutorials. Learn the best way to convert color to black and white and how to colorize sections of grayscale images. They work fine in CS6. You’ll have to like her Facebook page.

25. Ruby on Rail Cheat Sheets

Ruby on rails

Ruby is an open source full stack web application. This is a quick reference guide available in PNG and PDF formats containing, methods, regular expression syntax, the default directory structure and more.

26. Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Web Developer

Tons of SEO HTML tags and code samples: common indexing limits, recommended title tag syntax, a list of spider user agents for search engines and most common ways to stop spiders from crawling sites.

27. ASP/VB Script Cheat Sheet


VBScript is the default scripting language in ASP. Here’s short cuts and Information ranging from methods to regular expressions and properties.

28. Flash Cheat Sheet


Flash short cuts at your fingertip. Start with the basics of selection tools and window panels and work up to timelines and a number of tips and tricks for things like the dropper and magnifier tools.

29. Python Cheat Sheet


A one page quick reference guide for Python programming language. sys Variables, os Variables, sys.argv as well as indexes and slices are included.

30. Smarty Cheat Sheet


If Smarty is your platform of choice for template design, this is an excellent resource. Common modifiers, looping, logic, table generation, PHP functions and more.

Written 2012-08-31 (Updated 2016-04-14)
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